Apple Nacho’s? No way!

So… you want nacho’s! They’re fun to eat, yummy, and simple! Here’s how to make them much more nutritious! You’re going to love it!

Here’s a way, that’s pretty popular in the food blog world, that will be even tastier, healthier, and make you feel more satisfied and treated! What more could you ask for?!

Apple Nacho’s! Thanks to Kelsey for recommending me to this link, on my facebook page (speaking of, if you haven’t yet, go like my fan page! You will get a little pop up in your newsfeed from HHTS whenever I post something. Super convenient & short so it’s helpful rather than an annoyance!) 🙂

I twisted the recipe just a little bit for my nachos, because I wanted to use what I had in my fridge! You can do the same. These nacho’s are simply- incredible! 🙂

I used one apple, a few chocolate chips, peanut butter, coconut, and walnuts. The coconut is a MUST. Seriously- that was my favorite part! Oddly, I could have skipped the peanut butter!

The PB was good, but I had such a hard time getting it runny anyways that I would have just rather skipped it! Haha, I think it’s because it was at the end of the jar, and it was organic natural peanut butter, so it isn’t as soft as all the others.

Have you ever made apple nachos? How do you get your peanut butter to be runny?

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