Are Fast-Foods Actually Saving Your Time & Energy?

Wow, ladies! Thank you so much for the response on yesterday’s post. You girls gave me GREAT input, and it sounds like pretty much all of the post/ideas would be liked! Plus, you girls gave me NEW ideas. Thank you. I cannot wait to put this ALL together for you. You just wait… I’ve got a running list over here & I’m already writing 🙂

Now, today I want to share something about our relationship with food… I realize, all too often, when we’re tired… we want to go for something quick… we come home from work tired, and cooking is the last thing we have energy for… so, you’ll order pizza, or drive through someplace on the way home… *thinking all the while this will be the easiest/best choice for today/tonight because of X, Y, & Z.*

But, will it really be the easiest or best choice?

Sure… in the moment, it *might* feel like it’s taking you less time or effort, perhaps saving you the movement of your hands in the kitchen, or the thinking that goes into choosing what sounds good… but ultimately… what will that choice do for you? Will it leave you feeling happier in your body, more energized throughout each day? Will it help you to sleep better, bringing your mind to a rested and calm place? Will it lead you to the place of peace & ultimate freedom, where you feel IN your body & glad to be there.

I’ve had Clients share with me before things like: “I wonder what I would have room to think about if I didn’t focus so much on food?”


Anyone relate?

Talk about taking up your time…

From watching others, and experiencing this in my own life… here’s how much time eating the fast, quick, not-so-tasty options ACTUALLY takes up:

You’re driving home from work… you stop for fast food (takes time)… you wait in line, pick up the food, give your money away (takes time & money – time is money)… you eat the food, you don’t feel as great as you could (takes up time, brain space, and sucks out more of your energy)… you go home, remembering that meal that you actually wanted to make (takes up time, brain space, brings in feelings of guilt)… You’re left with thoughts of “why can’t I do this… why can’t I follow through on what I intended to do?”…”my good intentions don’t work”… “I lack so much willpower…”(takes up your time and thinking space)… Then, you spend your time & energy planning and trying to get back on track… until yet, you’re too exhausted from thinking, too exhausted from planning, and left feeling unmotivated to make the change, again…

I mean… can you blame yourself? I sure can’t blame you! I’d be tired too with all of those unsettling feelings around food, too!

Do you struggle in your relationship to food?

Do you think you’re just too *out of control?* Or, that you *have no willpower?* Or, that you just *crave way too many “bad” foods* and only *wish you had the willpower to eat the good stuff?*


Gosh. All of this negative thinking is only leading you deeper into patterns of guilt & exhausting the hell out of you. Probably leaving you feeling tired & down most of the time too, right? It’s not helping you.

We need to *turn that guilt around* and *transform it into movement that empowers you* and reminds you that willpower is NOT actually what you need. You don’t need to “be better.”

You need to dig deep into these areas and uncover the EXACT thoughts/actions that are not working for you, and learn WHY you continue to follow them. You need to have support. << We ALL need support in life. People to help us stay UPRIGHT and encourage us to continue moving forward. People who will care for us.



this photo is not my own

When you see an incredible spread like THIS, does it excite you?

Do you feel happy, empowered, and excited to fully enjoy this with all pleasure and zero guilt? The carbs, cheese, oil and all?


this photo is not my own

Or, do often leaning toward foods like this? Fast-food… quick quesadillas… pre-packaged meals heat-up foods… or even totally skipping dinner because you’ve snacked on ten different things instead?

Are you happy with the way you’re eating? The way your mood & energy levels feels through the day?

PAUSE for a moment here… how ARE you treating your body? What does your inner language sound like? What are you feeding her? How is she feeling? Do you feel special, important? Are you being kind to yourself?

Let me ask you this… If you DIDNT think about food so much… What would you have room to think about? What WOULD you be able to give your attention to? How would you be able to BETTER spend your time & energy?

delicious food

Do you WANT to get excited about WONDERFUL foods? Do you WANT to feel calm, and not anxious around food? Do you want to enjoy it?

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW is that you want this. Don’t worry about questioning *HOW the heck you’ll ever get there.*



Do you want your daily life to be more restful, calm, and filled with simple pleasures?



If this is you, it’s time that we meet. Health Coaching is designed to create THIS kind of life for/with/along-side YOU… Free from the constant worry around food, having the ability to get EXCITED to try new, quality things (which your body so deserves)… Removing the blockages that are causing you to eat EITHER/OR style: either mostly *fast foods,* OR eating *SUPER clean foods* (without much enjoyment)… Also known as black/white… all/nothing…

Again…Do you want your daily life to be more restful, calm, and filled with simple pleasures?

I want that for you. Let’s get you just that.

Receive my offer, and allow me to partner with you as your greatest supporter & guide. Let me be there for you, and do this WITH you. Let me let YOU know that you cannot fail. Let’s talk by phone for about 30-minutes, to make sure we’re a good fit to work with one another (fill out your form here & I’ll be in contact with you on Monday, 2/16). The investment here is a great one, and the best first step. It’s your time… And what an incredible way to start making use of your time in a way that SERVES YOU. Health Coaching is a GIFT of love that you are choosing to give yourself today.

Fill in the sentence: “I want to live my life full of pleasure. To do this, I need to let go of _________________ and embrace _______________ instead. If I do not receive support on making these changes, I will _______________________.

I am here for you.

xo, your coach


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