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Do you doubt that you’ll ever be able to feel great in your body without a diet? Is your diet voice constantly nagging you, telling you what you “should” and “should not” eat? How about the voice that tells you to throw in the towel, because you’ve already messed up the entire day and you have zero self-control?

Paige & Simi, Your Coaches for Finally Free Program

My partner Simi (you know Sim, from the Micro Harvest) & I want to challenge those voices for you today.

We are taught by the diet industry that our bodies are the ENEMY. We are told that our bodies can’t be trusted. We are told that we have to overcome our urges and cravings with willpower. We are told that when we don’t (or can’t!) that we should feel guilty.

We are told that we need to be fixed, changed, and photoshopped. And we are told that the way to do it is with the plan/diet of the moment. The diet industry breaks us down, criticizes us, makes us lose trust in our body’s natural ability to be healthy, and creates a self loathing mentality in most every woman.

Why the heck do they do this? For one reason: money. If you are desperate enough, you are going to do whatever it takes to escape desperation. The diet industry has manipulated our culture into needing diets and the next quick fix. The problem? The solutions diets offer actually create BIGGER problems.

We’ve been lied to, manipulated, and left with bodies that are so out of whack that we’re forced to ride a roller coaster of dieting, counting, restricting, weight loss, overeating, and ultimately gaining weight. We are left feeling like a bunch of failures.

Which just makes us desperate enough to try one more diet, the diet we pray and hope will be the one that finally fixes us. Until it doesn’t and the disturbing, frustrating, disappointing, and unhealthy cycle begins again.

Well, guess what? We’re MAD. And we think you should be, too. We want to challenge you to do what we’ve done, and BREAK UP WITH DIETS.

Before this moment, you may have thought YOU were the problem. You may have believed that your lack of willpower or weakness was the reason why you couldn’t stick with a diet for forever or why you gained back the weight you once lost.

Actually, the reason isn’t you… it’s BIOLOGY. Science proves that diets don’t work. We are a nation FULL of diet plans, diet pills, and diet talk, yet we are a nation of obese people. If diets worked, the opposite we’d all be happy & healthy already.

Instead, diets CAUSE self-sabotaging behavior and negative effects like:

  • binge eating,
  • “final meal” mentality,
  • decreased metabolism,
  • feelings of deprivation,
  • feelings of failing, cheating, and guilt,
  • lost money,
  • a total inability to listen or trust the body,
  • black & white thinking (good vs. bad),
  • and weight gain.

Studies show that people who diet actually weigh more. What the heck?! In one of our favorite books, Intuitive Eating, authors Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch (I did a training with Evelyn Tribole — she’s amazing and passionate!) liken the diet industry to a cure for cancer.

“Let’s say you have cancer and I offer you a cure. I tell you, ‘I have a CURE for your cancer. But, it will only work for about 3 months. And then, after that 3 months, your cancer will come right back and be even worse than it is now.’ Would you think that was a very good ‘cure?’ Probably not. This is what a diet is for weight loss. A short term change in the status quo which ultimately leads to regaining of the weight lost and, typically, even more.”

The worst part of dieting? You miss out on so many wonderful moments in life. You miss out on conversations, trips, and dinner with friends because you’re so preoccupied with your “diet” or obsessed with perfection that you can’t be present in your own life. Have you ever experienced this?

Once you recognize the damage diets are causing, it’s time to do something about it! Get pissed off at diets! There will probably be a time in your future where you will want to diet again – maybe because you hear a friend talking about her “success” or you see a celebrity sharing about her “diet secrets.”

That is why it’s important for you to get MAD now, so you’ll remember in moments of struggle why dieting is SO not the solution.

Are you ready to acknowledge that diets do NOT work?

As appealing as a quick fix can be, are you ready to say: “I know that diets actually do the opposite of what they promise. The TRUTH is that diets cause unhealthy cycles, overeating, guilt, feelings of failure, and weight gain.”

So, if you want freedom in your body, around food, and in your life… Freedom to enjoy a salad and that very same freedom to enjoy a cheeseburger… Freedom to explore and freedom to enjoy… Freedom to lose weight AND experience pleasure in food at the SAME time…


We both tried restrictive diets, had loads of food rules, and counting calories in hopes that they would fix us! We prayed they would help us find this idea of perfection – and with that perfection would come feelings of being “enough” – and with being enough would come the very FREEDOM that we were searching for. We said mean things to ourselves (“you’re fat, you’re ugly, why can’t you just get it together?!”), we had icky relationships with food (every food was labeled “good” or “bad,” and if we ate something “bad” the day was ruined! This would lead to binge eating, guilt, and pressure to “fix it” the next day), and we missed out on some really fun life moments because we were distracted with food or dieting or feeling insecure in our own bodies.

Do you want to know the truth? It totally sucked. It was exhausting. It was an endless cycle of failure. It didn’t work. And it was NOT freeing.

Can you relate?

Finally Free Program - Promo

In FINALLY FREE, we reveal the twelve breakthroughs that freed us (& hundreds of our clients!) from a life spent trapped in diet hell seeking body perfection. We’ve divided these breakthroughs for you into session specific topics.

FINALLY FREE is so much more than a set of rules or a meal plan (because you’re SO much more than just a number). This trailblazing intuitive eating program is a step-by-step formula to your healthiest and happiest weight – and so much more.

finally free program

Prepare to discovery pleasure, create real transformation, and (most importantly!) find your freedom during this milestone journey. Rather than a complex system of “yes” and “no’s,” FINALLY FREE teaches you to identify your body’s natural needs and the method to fulfill those needs organically.

Here’s what a few of our Finally Free clients have said:

“I don’t think there’s ever been a more apt name for a program than “Finally Free.” I feel somehow lighter and more confident after just three sessions… Relatable and thoughtful, Paige and Simi’s advice, stories and insight are priceless.”

“These girls have poured their heart and soul into this program, and it shows! I can’t recommend Finally Free enough!”

“If you want to finally love yourself, truly enjoy your food and not feel guilty for enjoying dessert, and gain immeasurable happiness, please do this program.”

Wouldn’t we all LOVE to see women loving themselves more? Feeling free around food at the dinner table? Smiling, and talking about themselves and others in a KIND way?

“BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD.” Be the example for the women around you.

Learn how: head to if you’re ready to be the change.

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