Artichoke, Pesto, and Turkey Melt

Good afternoon everyone! Hope you’re having a great day! HAPPY LEAP YEAR!

Did you know you can do WHATEVER you want today? Most years, you don’t even get this day! Think about that!

Today is “Way Back WHENsday” on my blog. Clever, right? Haha, if anyone googles this, and find out if someone came up with this before me, please don’t tell me! I am feeling really creative right now 😉

Todays post for Way Back WHENsday (every Wednesday I will link to an old post that has a good recipe, or was just a good day that I’d like to ‘bring back’) is “An Extra Healthy Pancake!” Can you believe this was right when I started at WordPress? It’s so crazy to think about how far this blog has come! (I have an original, much older blog at tumblr)


Today for a snack, I had one hard boiled egg with sea-salt & pepper, and one pure bar


Have you ever had a Pure bar? They are just like LARABARS, but have a few more ingredients. So far, I am still LARABAR > all else, but this flavor is a great switch up! Chocolate Brownie Bar. Pretty good! 🙂


Around about 11:30, my Mom and I went for a walk at the park. She made us Mochas to-go

4.jpg 5.jpg

We went to the local park in Ventura, and walked 2 miles. It’s a great park to walk at!


Cheers to walking with mochas!


Look how beautiful it is today!


Hellloooo! Did you know that you’re glowing after you walk? Especially when you’re sitting right in the sun 😉


My lunch today was sooo amazing, and so simple!



  • One piece ezekiel
  • smear of pesto
  • 3 thin slices turkey
  • 4 pieces artichoke hearts
  • one slice havarti cheese covering the top


On the side, I had a salad with spring mix, spinach, tomato, and feta cheese, dressed in italian dressing

Oh my GOODness! The sandwich was so freaking (so freaking!!) good! The flavors together were so perfect. The taste of the pesto and artichoke together, with the melty-ness of the cheese and turkey… ahhhh, YES! You must try this one.

Now I am off to pack for San Diego! I am going there for the day tomorrow to visit my friends Kelsey & Beau (thank you Beau for being a HUGE help with my blog- I can’t thank you enough!!), and am leaving early in the morning! Got to get everything together since I work from 3-10 tonight.

What snacks do you take when you go on road trips?

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