Backstory on Authentically You (Short Enrollment Window Just Opened)!

Paige - Authentically You

The day is here! Authentically You just opened it’s doors for the second time (doors close Sunday & there’s an early bird celebration through Thursday in honor of my birthday!).

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This August an idea visited me as I was driving back to SLO from Ventura.

I thought to myself “I really want to do a group coaching program.” But what will I do it on? I thought about putting a group together on breaking free from binge eating… I thought through several ideas.

Eventually, I just started writing the lessons based on what I wanted to share. I didn’t know what I would call the program, I just knew I wanted it to happen, and I knew what I wanted it to result in: stripping free from the RULES & “should’s” that take us away from who we authentically are.

Then, one day at the gym while I was on the elliptical the name hit me like a bird flying into a glass window (can’t think of any other way to describe how intensely this name hit me!). Authentically You! 

Tagline came next. Strip bare of your restrictive beliefs.

The program made perfect sense to me. I wanted to help women strip down from ALL of their rules and restrictive behaviors so they could feel free to be themselves – the highest, brightest, lightest versions of themselves! 

The amount of work I knew it would take to put this program together scared me. I didn’t know if I had the capacity to do it (it took 134 hours to be exact). But one day as I was standing in my bathroom I asked myself: What if you were already done, and the program was already running? You had created the content, you had your group of girls, and you were working through the steps with them. Would you look back on all the work it took and be grateful that you did it?

The answer was a clear YES.

I knew I had to do it. I knew Authentically You had to come to life.

So, here it is, today, opening it’s doors for the second time. Here I am, today, feeling as grateful as ever that I created this thing, and that you girls have responded to it so well.

The first group of girls that went through Authentically You were incredible. They were committed, open, honest, vulnerable, supportive, and so full of love… I loved this group so much.

I had women working on:

  • slowing down and reconnecting with themselves
  • refocusing on their core life values
  • expressing themselves in more expansive & genuine ways
  • creating boundaries at work
  • learning how to not take things  personally
  • figuring out how to challenge themselves to improve in  compassionate ways
  • learning where to say ‘YES’ and where to say ‘NO’ in their lives
  • letting go of rules around food & gaining freedom
  • learning to be the highest version of themselves
  • letting go of the “should’s” in life that were no longer serving them
  • owning their God-given right to be confident

All of the women in Authentically You worked to free themselves of rules, restrictions, and limiting beliefs, which has enabled them to feel how they actually want to feel, and show up to their lives as they actually want to show up!

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In Authentically You we focused only on what we could do with the season we had in front of us – the 8-weeks we had together in the program. This allowed the women to have a centered focus around what changes they could make for those 8-weeks. This made everything seem possible/doable, and they committed.

Here’s what Lauren, who just wrapped up Authentically You, has to say… 


“I have loved working through Authentically You with Paige and the amazing group of girls who participated the past 8-weeks! Authentically You helped me to reconnect with myself, begin practicing self-love again, and to begin to dig deeper to figure out what self-love actually means.

The way Paige setup Authentically You was perfect – we received a self reflection sheet and listened to a lesson at the beginning of the week, and then joined a group call later on. I loved having my alone time to process the lesson first, and then have the opportunity to chat in those group discussions with other women who were going through the same thing.

Authentically You allowed me to use the past 8-weeks as a season to be more mindful, slow down, and re-discover myself again.

I came from being in a place of self doubt, negativity and feeling very stuck, to being able to see the light again and slowly bring myself back to a place of joy and peace. As these amazing 8-weeks come to a close, I’m looking forward to continuing to use Authentically You’s lessons + steps to get to know myself even better in the next year to live my happiest, most authentic and genuine life. Thank you Paige!”

– Lauren

As I shared, I’m opening the doors to this program AGAIN today! I’m ready for another round of this incredible program, with another round of incredible women who are ready to strip down THEIR own restrictive  behaviors & embrace a life of showing up as authentically as possible…!

So, here’s what’s happening:

  • Enrollment for the next class of Authentically You is open TODAY
  • Doors will remain open through Sunday
  • Lesson ONE will be send out THIS Monday (11/7)
  • If you join BEFORE my birthday this Thursday Nov. 3rd you’ll get the early bird discount (prices go up Friday morning – click ‘more info’ to see all the details)!

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Love, Paige

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