Authentically You

A transformative program to awaken your best self

Get ready to strip down your old rules and restrictive beliefs. Say goodbye to guilt, comparison, and negative beliefs. Say hello to the happiest, most ALIVE version of yourself!

Authentically You

Hi, I’m Paige! I’m a certified health coach with years of experience working directly with women just like you. Through my studies at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, The Health Coach Institute, work with Evelyn Tribole, and my expertise in cultivating a healthy, balanced lifestyle, I’ve helped hundreds of clients change their lives in the most powerful way imaginable — by being true to themselves.

What is Authentically You?

Authentically You is a life-changing 10-day intensive program that empowers you to strip free from old rules and/or restrictive behaviors that are holding you back from being the most alive, authentic version of yourself!

Strip free from things like:

  • people pleasing
  • rules around food
  • being critical of yourself
  • comparing yourself to other women
  • not feeling “good enough”
  • perfectionism
  • every limitation you place on yourself 

In Authentically You, you will dig deep and let go of these rules so you can begin showing up as the highest version of yourself daily and discover the magic of feeling FREE. There are NO limits to what I’ve seen my clients work through in this program!

After 10-days in Authentically You, you will feel reconnected to your true self. You will be realigned with your values, what’s important to you, and what makes you happy – what lights you up inside. 

All I ask is that you commit to FULLY engaging for the next 10-days – that you get EXCITED about committing to yourself. What do you have to lose? I say you ONLY have things to gain.

“Authentically You helped me to reconnect with myself, begin practicing self-love, and begin to dig deeper to figure out what self-love actually means. Authentically You has allowed me to be more mindful, slow down, and re-discover myself. I started Authentically You in a place of self doubt, negativity and feeling very stuck. I ended the program being able to see the light again and slowly bring myself back to a place of joy and peace. I look forward to continuing to use Authentically You’s lessons and steps to get to know myself even better in the next year to live my happiest, most authentic and genuine life. Thank you, Paige!”
- Lauren G.

What’s included?

  • 10 transformative days of:
    • audio lessons
    • handouts designed to help you dig deep and reflect
    • action steps toward becoming the most AUTHENTIC and ALIVE version of yourself
    • six bonus audio mini-interviews with guest speakers (see the topics below!)

How is it delivered?

  • sign-up, receive a welcome email today to get yourself all set up and prepared
  • officially start first thing tomorrow when your first day of materials are delivered directly to your inbox
  • each email includes your daily: audio lesson, transcript, handout, and a BONUS interview with special guests

What are the bonus topics?

  • mastering self-care
  • building confidence
  • creating a great relationship with YOURSELF
  • intuitive eating
  • spirituality (no matter what your beliefs are)

How long is it?

  • The program is designed to be a 10-day intensive program, however, the materials are yours for a lifetime. You can save each lesson and go through them at anytime.


Get Ready to Go Deep!

“I really loved this course. It’s just the beginning for me working toward becoming my best self. I am walking away from Authentically You with an incredible new mindset and awareness that I’ve never had. I’m no longer feeling awful about myself and I’m moving forward. I’m in a process and am feeling patient with myself, knowing that as I continue to work on the things I’ve learned, the process will continue and I’ll become an increasingly better version of myself.

I can’t narrow down one favorite thing that I’ve learned in this course. I love the idea of asking WHY. Why do I think others are judging? Why do I binge? WHAT is the real reason? I love the idea of self-compassion. And I’ve implemented that. I love learning to listen to myself. I really loved the last lesson on self mastery!

Going through Authentically You has been a beautiful experience for me and I’m excited for the future!”
- Julie

8 Transformative Lessons:

  • Day 1: Let Go – let go of what is holding you back from getting what you want
  • Day 2: Listen to Your Body – pay attention to the voice inside you (we all have this voice) that is continually sending you messages guiding you toward what you want
  • Day 3: Your Inner Guide – begin to question what you hear (from others or yourself) so you can choose what’s right for you and keep a CLEAR PATH to move forward
  • Day 4: Focus on Feeling Good – focus on creating pleasant, sustainable progress toward reaching your goals (versus controlling the result), and decide that feeling good is your ULTIMATE goal
  • Day 5: Say ‘YES’ to Yourself – listen to what YOU want and get clear on how to say ‘YES’ to your highest valued desires
  • Day 6: DAY OFF (take a break, rest, and rejuvenate)
  • Day 7: DAY OFF (take a break, rest, and rejuvenate)
  • Day 8: Self-Compassion – gain an UNDERSTANDING for why you do what you do and put an end to being your own worst critic
  • Day 9: Confidence – learn how to TURN DOWN the volume on negative thoughts and TURN UP the volume on loving thoughts that leave you feeling your best
  • Day 10: Mastering YOU – uncover who you are at your core, get to know your strengths and weaknesses, and begin to do more of what makes you feel GREAT consistently

“Authentically You is a fun, positive space to connect with Paige and be encouraged to embrace where you are right now. It's a place to be your own cheerleader/best friend.

Authentically You helped me discover the magic and joy in giving myself permission and compassion to say “yes” to what feels good and “no” to things that will stretch me too thin. Paige’s support, kindness, and compassion gave me the confidence to let go of the *things* I *should* do/be that were weighing me down, and make space for the most important things for me right now (true rest, creative projects, and time to love on my best friends).”
- Karly P.


Do you struggle with:

  • making choices that feel good, consistently?
  • comparing yourself to others?
  • lacking the self-confidence you’d love to have?
  • feeling burnt-out, run down, or discouraged?
  • self-awareness or mindfulness?
  • letting go of old habits (“old habits die hard”)?
  • saying yes to YOURSELF and your desires?
  • doing what you love, consistently?
  • mastering your schedule?
  • keeping the commitments you make?
  • finding time to slow down?

Do you desire to:

  • connect with your most authentic self?
  • practice self-love?
  • feel confident?
  • learn to honor your body’s needs?
  • not be judged for your struggles?
  • know you’re not alone?
  • feel more joy in your daily life?
  • have a life that you are excited to wake up to each day?
  • be mindful and slow down?
  • develop a powerful ability to listen to your intuition?
  • discover the magic in giving yourself permission to say “yes” to what feels good and “no” to things that stretch you too thin?
  • let go of the things you “should” do that are weighing you down, and make space for the most important things in life?

If you answered yes to any of these struggles or desires, Authentically You was designed with you in mind. Together, we will work to get you to a place where you feel balanced, less chaotic, and more streamlined in how you care for yourself on a daily basis.

Authentically You

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Authentically You will empower you, in 10-days, to slow down, be more mindful, and re-discover (or discover for the first time) your true self. It will help you to feel confident in both your body and the person you are today; this program will help you accelerate your life, full of the sheer joy of feeling FREE.

If you’re in a place of self-doubt, negativity, and feeling stuck, Authentically You will allow you to develop the awareness to see the light and quickly bring yourself to a place of more joy and peace.


Recently, in a call with a client, this client discovered it was actually selfish of her to NOT work on herself. She could see that she was showing up to work stressed, and therefore, not able to engage fully, and so exhausted by the time she got home, that she was snappy with her boyfriend and family. This felt awful for her. It wasn’t how she wanted to be, but she was having a really hard time shutting this part of herself off.

Since Authentically You, her relationships with her mom and boyfriend have improved and she is showing up to work in an entirely different manner – she’s engaged, centered, and even says she likes her job most days. Working on herself has helped her show up more fully to her life and she’s happier for it.

Like the old saying goes — we have to put on our own oxygen masks before we can help others. By investing in your own health and well-being, you offer those you love an incredible, one-of-a-kind gift: the magic of having YOU fully present in their lives!

Authentically You

I’ve Been There:

I am in my sixth year of coaching and bring two unique perspectives to the table: 1) my experience (I have been in your shoes – I used to be LOADED with rules and restrictions) and 2) the empathy I have for each and every client. (You have permission to show up just as you are – no clean-up needed. My clients love to say that “I speak their language.”)

I work with a no shame, no judgement approach and believe that setting a foundation of kindness and self-compassion is key to moving you forward (this has proven true time and time again with my own clients). I help you move through the blocks that are holding you back without you even noticing. I have YOUR best interest in mind.


“I absolutely loved working with Paige in Authentically You. She is an amazing coach and I learned so much in Authentically You. Paige has helped me so much – I’ve learned to listen to my inner voice, slow down, and listen to my body and honour her needs. I would recommend Paige to anyone – her teaching is kind, loving, supportive, and she's the best coach one could possibly hope for.”
- Heidi K.

Say YES to Yourself:

  • 10-days of transformative audio lessons
  • Exclusive handouts designed to help you dig deep and reflect
  • Action steps toward becoming the most AUTHENTIC and ALIVE version of yourself
  • Six bonus mini interviews with guest speakers

Authentically You

  • Price: $97.00
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“Paige is amazing and Authentically You is an incredible program in which I gained valuable knowledge, helpful skills, and strong encouragement. As a result of Authentically You, I have gained a new perspective and the ability to embrace and enjoy myself and my life in every season while moving towards my goals. I have gained confidence and I now treat myself with kindness, patience and love. It has been an incredible experience for which I am most grateful.”
- Jillian

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Authentically You

  • Price: $97.00
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