Ayurveda, 3 Meals Per Day


Good morning everyone!!! Have a good night sleep? I slept like a rock! I woke up this morning and headed straight to my babysitting job. I get to watch Chloepie today! Woohooo! She just woke up and is watching her show, and in just a bit we are headed to my house for the day. She loves to play there because she gets to see the puppies, the cat, pick from the garden, see Terry + Dottie (My Dad and Mom), and her little cousin Kingston that lives next door 🙂

Yesterday, After the Gym, I started my morning off with a Vega-One shake. These are packed with Nutrients, and where recommended to me by my cousin Becky. Anyone else drink Vega?



I had the Vanilla Chai flavor, and to be honest, at first taste, NO. Too much stevia taste. This was with one cup of almond milk. After I added some more, probably another 1/2 cup, yum! Stevia taste covered and just yummy creaminess to follow. This drink kept me full for 4 hours. For me, that’s pretty good! That’s actually longer than some breakfast foods would last me!



For lunch, I had 1/2 a tuna sandwich with avocado, lettuce, and mustard instead of mayo.


Winner! I like mustard in place of the avo! Of course, I really like mustard. Anyone else do this? I’ve tried it with hummus before and no no no. Mustard is so much better.


I also has a side of strawberries


And a thinkThin bar.

I bet you’re wondering why I had a think Thin bar with my meal, and didn’t save it for a snack later like I usually would. Well, in my school, IIN, we learn a new dietary theory each week. This week we learned about Ayurveda. Such an interesting one! I have to admit, when I first hear about the theory I was quite tossed around. There are so many different theories that guarantee to be good out there. The night before I listed to my lecture, I was looking through recipes in my Tone It Up binder. TIU is gung-ho on 5 meals per day, and eating certain foods at certain times of the day. Ayurveda is super gung-ho on 3 meals per day. So you can imagine how I was confused.

I decided since I am going to my school, paying for the experience (and totally loving it by the way) that I would try out the theory as best I could to see how I felt. It’s supposed to stabilize blood sugar, burn more fat, improve anxiety, swelling, blood pressure, etc. Probably the same thing that most diets would claim to do, but hey, lets give it a try and see how I feel for a few days, or longer if I like it. 3 meals a day is a huge change for me, but I’m excited to see how my body responds.

Truthfully, yesterday I had more energy. I remember Marco asking me if I was tired in the middle of the day, because I usually am, and I was surprised to realize that I wasn’t tired. Keep in mind, I was out running errands and up doing things all day, so that could have been a reason.. We will see 🙂


Anyway, yesterday I went from mall, to doctor, to job, to job. All in a row, one after the other. Good job my morning job was cancelled or I would have been toast!


One my way to my first job, I stopped at Chipotle to get a burrito bowl for dinner, and I also grabbed a China Green Tips tea and added 1 honey + 1 tbsp. half & half




I ate dinner around 5:30. Actually, my whole eating schedule worked really well yesterday.

  • Breakfast 7:45
  • Lunch 11:45
  • Dinner 5:30

In my Chipotle bowl: black beans, veggies, pico de gallo, guacamole, lettuce 🙂

I like to get the veggie bowl because the guac is free, instead of like $1.75! Guac > Chicken for me! I’ll get my protein from the beans 😉


As I was leaving my babysitting job, the family handed me two dark chocolates from their favorite chocolate store downtown. So of course, I made the exception for a Petite Treat 🙂


They were so dark, and so delicious!

Okay, sound round 2 today with this whole 3 meal thing. Let’s see if my energy levels seem to improve once again 🙂

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