Baby June Is Here!

I almost didn’t make it here today. BUT, it’s 3:30, and I’m here! I woke up super early this morning to get work done.

photo 5

Baby June came into the world today, and I wanted to finish up my morning work early so I could go see her! Sadly, she came about 5 minutes after I left… I had my Details Appointment with my Wedding Banquet that I couldn’t miss. You better believe I’m going to visit her tomorrow 🙂

Okay, so yesterday… Now I can say. I was in SLO.

eating on vacation

Breakfast was at the hotel. I had an english muffin, eggs, and a couple of strips o’ bacon.

san luis obispo creek

After breakfast I went out for a two mile walk. It was so beautiful out! When I was done with my walk I came back to the hotel and got ready for work.

working from hotel

I worked from 10-2 and then went out for lunch

photo 2

I got an Urbane Cafe salad from Urbane Cafe. Mmm! My favorite!

slo chocolate milkshake

After lunch, I had a few sips of this chocolate milkshake to taste

avila beach working

I stopped in Avila Beach on the way home to do some more Coaching. I set up outside of a cute little grocery store.

After Coaching, I made the rest of the drive home. Only about two hours.


When I got home there was dinner waiting. Ah. Best feeling! Dinner was lightly home fried chicken, a small potato, and salad.

petite treat

I wanted a petite treat to end the day, so I had a small scoop of peanut butter and a small scoop of mint Talenti. I scooped it with this chocolate piece but did not eat the chocolate. I was satisfied with the two scoops 🙂

Now, it’s back to work. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day! I can’t believe Marco and I are moving just 1 week from tomorrow. You know what I can’t believe even more? 3 weeks after the 4th of July I’ll be married!

Notice how much I’ve been creating timelines lately? The future has had so much to look forward to! Ha!

Love, Paige

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