Baby Schmidt Is On The Way!

Baby Schmidt Is On The Way!

You read that right. Marco and I are finally announcing that we’re expecting!

Over the years I’ve had you taking guesses on many different surprises. Most of them have involved moving, getting a puppy, or launching a new course…

But every single time someone always hoped it was a baby, haha.

And now… we’re excited to announce that a little Schmidty is on the way due in March 2021.

How we found out:

We were in our sixth month of trying. It was July 4th and I was two days “late” on my period. I say “late” because I wasn’t really late. Really, it would be normal for me to start my period 3 days from then.

BUT. And this was a big BUT for me. My boobs always hurt for exactly 7 days before I start my period. So the day before the 4th of July was when I expected myself to start. It was the 7th day since my boobs had become sore.

But nothing. So, to be safe, I took a test on Saturday. Big fat negative. I wasn’t surprised. To be honest, by this point and had come to expect a negative (a positive had started to feel like a rarity).

In hindsight, six months isn’t that long. I know people spend years trying. I am so grateful I was able to become pregnant. But as you’re in it, for anyone else who is in their first year of trying, those months start to take a toll.

It’s such a weird thing when you spend so many years trying to not get pregnant (we’ve always been very careful because I wasn’t on birth control). And when you start trying… it’s harder than you’d think.

Anyway, the test was negative. I went on to celebrate the 4th with a small group of friends. We took our camper to their house. That day I ended up falling asleep in the camper needing a nap. Didn’t think anything of it.

Next day, us girls were craving In-N-Out. I thought my period was coming. I literally said to Marco “Let’s get In-N-Out, my period wants it!” Haha.

The next couple days were some of my favorite days ever. We ended up getting neighboring hotel rooms with a couple of other friends. We took our pups with us. We got dinner at the hotel. We stayed up until 2:00 am laughing, yes – drinking wine, and playing with the dogs. It was for sure the most fun we’d had since COVID. Will always be a favorite memory.

The day we were leaving I still hadn’t started my period and I was sipping a margarita at the beach and thought to myself “I’m over this.” It had no appeal. I dumped it out.

Next morning, I woke up at 5:00, poured my morning coffee, took a test and left it sitting on the bathroom counter. I went into my office to begin my quiet time – opened up my Bible, read a chapter, started journaling and remembered the awaiting test.

I went to the bathroom to check, fully expecting a negative – this was just another late period and I was not going to get my hopes up – and it was a freaking positive. I literally fell to my knees.

I threw my hands up, quietly – Marco was sleeping. I, in this order: thanked God, thought of my mom, felt 100% protected, and then thought “it’s 100% a girl.” (We will find out for sure this week!)

I told Marco an hour later when he woke up by saying “Abby’s going to have another sibling!” He thought I had found another puppy to adopt. “No silly! A human baby!” “Wait, you’re pregnant? No way? Seriously?”

It was a sweet moment with just he, myself and Abber’s. We’ve since been very excited but are also having very different experiences.

I’ve stopped drinking (obviously), am no longer having (or enjoying the smell of AT ALL) coffee, and am feeling all the pregnancy feels. While, my sweet hubby is having his what I call “last hurrah!” It’s like he thinks he’s in college again (haha!). It’s been fun. Not the sickness, but the other parts – the celebrating, the dreaming, the milestones.

I have so many things I want to share with you because WOW. This has been a wild ride.

What I want to share with you:

  • what the first trimester has been like (Lord!)
  • eating intuitively while pregnant (I’ve had to be more intuitive than ever before)
  • and I’d love to do a daily eats post to show you just how intuitive I’ve been (haha, it has NOT been greens and vibrant foods!)

It’s wild. From the outside I’ve had such a different view of pregnancy than what it’s actually felt like for me (so far).

From the outside, I see the thickening hair, the glowing skin, the round beautiful bellies, and the excited mamas. SURE. I hear that they had morning sickness or that they’ve been nauseated…

But I didn’t know it would feel like a straight up hangover every single day.

I don’t want to scare anyone (because as you hear all the time, it’s worth it) but my goodness. Most days from 6-10 weeks were filled with a prayer to get through and let me give some glory to God because He got me through.

Miraculously, I have felt really good through all of my coaching calls. Coaching has always mysteriously done that for me. I can be having a hard day, I hop on a call and it’s a switch… it becomes 100% about the client, all of the focus is off me, and I step into another world. That’s what’s been happening during pregnancy.

When I feel the worst is when I’m sitting at home doing nothing. Now don’t get me wrong, I have rested and napped a lot.

I’ve never felt so low stress. I feel a peace like never before (even my blood pressure shows it). Which is why I chose to stay off Instagram and extend my social media break once we found out we were pregnant. I wanted to spend the first trimester resting.

I wanted to listen to my body with minimal distractions. I stayed offline, I reduced my work to only what was most important and have had my assistant helping a lot (thank God for her!). I’ve been focusing on my clients, a little bit of writing, and that’s it. Abigail (my superstar assistant) has taken over everything else. She’s a godsend.

I’ve napped when I’ve needed to nap, I go to bed by 8:00 every night (this isn’t a rule, it’s just naturally when I want to crawl into bed), I sleep until 6:30-7:00 (truth: I have not set an alarm since I found out I was pregnant).

I am also now convinced that all mothers are superhero’s (ha!). The fact that women can feel this way (and much worse) and still work, care for their families, and power through… I’m like. Praise.

I want to share so much with you all. And the experiences that I want to share I’m hoping will be interesting to not only pregnant women or mothers, but to everyone.

Because the lessons I’ve learned in listening to and respecting my body have elevated beyond what they’ve ever been.

I’ve truly had to be in a place of surrender, listening, and being intuitive.

Listening to the foods/drinks that sound good, exercise that feels good. Slowing down on a run when it doesn’t feel right. Switching to walking when I need to. Eating the same thing 3x in one day because that’s all I can stomach. Making an effort to get outside and out of the house because I know it will help me feel better. I could go on. It’s been powerful.

If I was able to help my clients before, my true feeling is that I’m able to help with twice the efficiency now because I personally am experiencing another level of body trust.

So, in the coming weeks you can expect some of these posts. I’ll continue to share regular content too, but as always… as personal life things are happening I love to share those on the blog as well. For one, I love looking back myself on these posts. And two, I love sharing our life with all of you. This community has been strong since 2011 and I cannot wait to continue sharing with you all.

I also just want to say that I am going to aim to be as transparent as possible because I have found so much comfort in reading other peoples experiences, especially when they’re just raw and honest.

If you have any topic requests or questions (like, getting pregnant wasn’t as easy as I subconsciously thought it would be – you try so long to NOT get pregnant I assumed it would be easier than it was!) please drop those questions in the comments.

Thank you for being here and celebrating with us! We’re excited and got to hear a strong baby heartbeat just yesterday.

Love, Paige

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