Babysitting Munchies- what to do!

Good morning loves! This morning for breakfast I had 1 egg, 1 white, and half a gluten-free Udi’s bagel with just a little bit of butter. This breakfast was perfect, lite, and satisfying. I saved the other half of my bagel for later because I knew I would want it for a snack 🙂

I am babysitting this morning, and the kiddo’s are playing with plado, watching yo-gaba-gaba, and we are going to play a game right after this post (after yo-gaba-gaba) hehe.

The little guy made me a cookie! He said I should pretend eat it. It was really yummy 😉

As a snack a little later, I cut up an apple. Oh, I had an apple last night after dinner too! My friends Angela and Avia came over and we had tea and talked all about Ang’s new job 🙂

Here are the kido’s again!

For another snack, shortly after my apple, I toasted the other half of my bagel, put a little bit of peanut butter on top, and one small sliced banana.

I realized some time ago that whenever I babysit, I always get super snacky. If I don’t bring my own food, I will end up eating too many random snacks that I find around the house. Now, I bring my own healthy snacks so that I don’t feel deprived, and I don’t feel yucky after I leave. The funny thing is, just knowing that I have snacks with me usually makes me eat less. I don’t ever finish my own.

Today I packed: 2 eggs, a bagel (breakfast/snack), an apple (snack), soup (maybe lunch), and a LARABAR & some nuts that will probably still be in my lunchpail when I leave. Also, I packed one decaf Starbucks VIA Coffee that I am having right now, black. Very yummy! Keep in mind, I am babysitting from 9am-3pm today, that’s why I packed so much. If it were only a couple hours I would have just packed a LARABAR and an apple or something like that 🙂

Do you guys feel me on the getting snacky while babysitting issue?

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