Bach Night

Yesterday was a good day. It was a 100% “me day.” I didn’t have any work, so I just got to enjoy myself.

Breakfast: non-fat plain greek yogurt, honey, pumpkin flax granola, raisins, sunflower butter

It was my first day at IIN (at home… hehe)

While I checked out all my assignments and things to do, I enjoyed my piece of banana bread fresh from the oven. I added honey. This was actually quite filling, so it can be counted as my lunch with a snack to come before dinner.

This is what my school looks like. These are the videos I have to watch this week

Got my planner all ready too. Gotta stay organized!

Of course all of this was accompanied by Coffee

Doesn’t that look more cozy than a classroom?

After school work I went out to run some errands and snacked on a LARABAR

When I came home I had a sweet letter waiting for me from my mentor and friend, Linda

She sent me a cup of tea from San Fran and said “have a cup, and think of me.”

So, I did, along with an article that she sent me. I always talk about how I like to get ready for the day because it makes me more productive and engaged in whatever I am doing. Can anyone relate?

For dinner, I had vegan/gluten-free black bean enchiladas

They are so good! Has anyone tried them? Thank you Trader Joe’s!

I also had a sweet potato cooked in coconut oil with rosemary… mmm!

As you all must know, the Bachelorette was on last night. Who watched it? It’s a Monday night get together for me & my cousins. Fro-Yo is almost always involved!

Later in the night I had some wine, and wanted somethin salty to accompany it. I had a handful of “ridge-cut potato chips” from Trader Joes (in a red bag)… pretty good…

Last year someone spoiled the Bach for me on my blog- don’t even think about it! I’m sure I could easily spoil it myself with a few clicks on the internet!

Who y’all rootin for?

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