Bachelor + Birthday Boy

Good morning all! Hope you had a good night sleep. I didn’t sleep so well because I was too full from Bachelor snacks! Yucky feeling…



Bran Flakes + Raisins & Almond Milk and Coffee w/ Half & Half


Step Class!

11:45 Coffee + Half & Half



Toast w/ Split Pea Soup & Tuna


My Mom used to make this for me all the time. I love it! You take a super yummy piece of whole grain bread, make it super toasted, lay it on a plate, and pour split pea soup that has tuna mixed into it… I know, it sounds funny, but it’s delicious!


I also had a side salad w/ gorgonzola crumbles and tomatoes with olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and soy sauce mixed together for dressing


Plain Iced Tea


photo 1

Dinner with Marcos family to Celebrate his Birthday which was last Tuesday 🙂

We had steak, potatoes, salad, green beans and garlic bread… Yum yum yum

photo 2

Plus, for dessert, his favorite – dutch apple pie and ice cream



At 8, he dropped me off to my aunts house to have Bachelor Night. Some of my aunts and cousins get together and do this as our little ritual. It’s fun 🙂 There are always many snacks, and the bean dip always gets my attention! So good.

Between lunch and dinner, Marco and I went to our counseling appointment that I talked about yesterday, and it was wonderful! We are learning “Couples Dialogue” and I am learning how to untangle some of my feelings and fears. For example, as you all know, Marco does many nice things for me. Well, sometimes I would get into my own head and that would scare me, because I would think HE makes me happy. What if one day after many years he no longer does all those nice things. I am going to be unhappy? The counselor told me that I need to reverse my thinking so that instead, I am thinking “I own my own happiness. When Marco does nice things for me, I feel happy. He encourages the happiness that is already within me.” Does that make sense? It helped me so much and took that little fear right away. It was so nice to recognize.

Well, I hope you are all blessed today! I am off to work!


Love, Paige

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