My Trip To Ventura

Ahhhh, it feels soo good to be back home, and to get to stay home for a couple of weeks. I’m writing to you all this morning with tea in my hand, a blanket wrapped around my waist, and the chilly air outside in SLO. I think the cooler nights and mornings have arrived.

My Best Friends Wedding - 1 of 4

I had such a wonderful time this weekend celebrating one of my best friends weddings. It was in Carpinteria, right on the beach. There were only about 10 people. It was small, intimate, and heart felt. I loved every minute.

Saturday was started with an early morning drive to Ventura, picking up the bride, going to breakfast, doing some last minute wedding errands, going to Aubrey’s sons soccer game (super mom!), and then getting ready for the wedding together.

The wedding was at 6:00 on the beach. I helped my friend Rihanna take photos. After the wedding, we went to dinner in downtown Ventura at Aubrey’s favorite restaurant, Cafe Fiore. The food was insane – the best I’ve ever had there.

I ended the night cuddled up in my bed, unwinding, and catching up on some reading. Marco wasn’t with me, as it was really only a couple of her closest girl friends and absolute immediate family.

Sunday was also so fun. I got to time with my mom. We went to Church, shopping, and then to coffee.

My Best Friends Wedding - 3 of 4

I found some fun new things while I was out shopping, visited the new Tiki Girl on Main, and shared this bear claw with my momma and sipped black coffee. After our little day out together, I began my drive back to SLO and met with my first ever counselor for coffee.

It was such an awesome feeling to be able to thank her for things that she taught me so long ago, that absolutely encouraged me to listen to my body, and create a healthy relationship with her. It was so special to talk about where I am today. I NEVER dreamed I’d be where I am today.

In fact, as we were talking and I was sharing more about coaching (she was proud of me, and that felt amazing!) I realized that so often people have it in their minds that coaching is all about the coach giving his/her clients a set of nutritional guidelines and helping that client to eat better.

Let me just share with you, coaching is not all about green smoothies and kale (although those are great!). Coaching, and my coaching specifically, is filled with deep, transformational conversations where we dig into mindset, how we care for ourselves, speak to ourselves, and where we’re held back. My counselor was surprised how much coaching is like counseling.

Our relationship, whether positive or negative, has so much to do with our mindsets. 

This got me thinking on the way home: “What could I do for my readers who are wondering what coaching is, what it would look like for them to have a coach, or if coaching is right for them?” As I was thinking through this, I came to the thought that I should host a group Q+A call on what coaching really is, who it’s right for, and if it can help you. Would that be helpful for you girls? Chances are, coaching is more personal and impactful than you’ve imagined.

Here’s how this would work: you can email me your questions ahead of time at, I’ll compile the questions together, and set up a time for a call where I’ll be able to answer them for you. So, go ahead. Starting now, if you have a question about coaching (what it is, who it’s right for, if I can guide you in your specific need – share your need) then send it on over. I’m sure if you’re thinking of a question, five other women have the same question.

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful wonderful day. I’ll be back here tomorrow with the post on what to do when you get home from work and want to eat everything. Make sure to check back in the morning… and get those questions on coaching emailed over :).

Thanks for being here ladies!




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