The Way to Ultimate Balance & Satisfaction (+ FAQ’S)

Recently, in a call with a health coaching client, she discovered it was selfish of her to NOT work on herself.

She could see that she was showing up to work stressed, and therefore, not able to engage fully, and so exhausted by the time she got home, that she was snappy with her boyfriend and family.

This felt awful for her. It wasn’t how she wanted to be, but she was having a really hard time shutting this part of her off (like we all try and do, right?).

Since working on herself in a coaching program with me, her relationship with her boyfriend has improved, her relationship with her mom has improved, and she is showing up to work in an entirely different manner – she is more engaged, centered, and even says that she likes her job now. Working on herself has helped her to show up differently to her life, and feel good about it.


And the best part? She hasn’t started any crazy meal plan or way of eating, she’s just started to pay attention to what feels good for her. And no, this doesn’t mean eating salads and grilled chicken. This means, she eats satisfying, flavorful food that she loves, and when she wants it, enjoying a pastry from her favorite bakery, slowly, calmly, and totally unattached, while enjoying her favorite blogs in a coffee shop.

She enjoys exercise that feels fun for her, and adds it into her schedule because it feels good. Because it’s the one thing that helps her to feel less overwhelmed with the day-t0-day demands we all have. She has begun to transform the way she thinks about and approaches her health, and therefore, is feeling better for it. Is feeling more empowered for it.

Together, in Authentically You, we will work to get you to a place where you feel more balanced, less chaotic, and more streamlined in how you care for yourself on a daily basis. 

A place where you’re happier with YOU, doing more of what you love, and are feeling more confident, so you can show up more fully to everyone and everything in your life you care about.

Authentically You - Goodbye: comparison, guilt, and restrictive eating. HELLO: happier, healthier, brighter YOU!

So, are you ready to release the rules, restriction, and guilt we associate to being healthy, and get empowered to make choices that feel good, while allowing you to feel satisfied, balanced, and fulfilled?

I’ve been getting some questions about my new group coaching program, Authentically You, and wanted to help to answer those questions for you today.

Let’s find out if this program is right for *you* and answer some questions…


  • having control around food?
  • not being able to stop eating certain foods?
  • eating when you’re not hungry because you think you “should” be eating?
  • eating normally at social events without being one extreme or the other (not eating enough or overeating)?
  • eating too fast?
  • not having the time to make choices that feel good?
  • comparing yourself to girls on social media & other women?
  • fear that intuitive eating will be, in some way, restrictive?
  • not feeling like you’re capable (or ready) to eat intuitively?
  • the fear of being hungry?
  • binge eating and restricting?
  • not having willpower?
  • not having enough self-awareness?


  • feel balanced?
  • have an sustainable diet?
  • lose the guilt?
  • have the confidence to eat intuitively?
  • know how to navigate special occasions?
  • not be judged for your struggles & know you’re not alone?
  • feel light and happy?
  • feel unrestricted?
  • have a lifestyle that feels good to maintain?
  • feel confident in your own skin?
  • move past damaging eating habits?

If you answered yes to the majority of these questions, then Authentically You was designed with you in mind. I’d love to have you on board.

Authentically You isn’t a do-this, don’t-do-that plan, this is a program to help you transform the way you think (read to join? Sign-up here). Just like the client who’s story I shared in the beginning of this post.


1. Will the group coaching calls be recorded? 

The group coaching calls will be RSVP only. If everyone calls in on time, and all goes well, I will be able to record the calls. However, I cannot promise a recording for each group coaching call.

I encourage you show up live for at least one call per week. The call schedule is set up so that you can join me for one hour per week, not necessarily both. The reason for having two different call in times is to allow people in different timezones to choose ONE call time that works best.

If you cannot make any of the live coaching calls, there is also the “Grow Me” option where you will get only the recordings. However, consider that with the “Transform Me” package you’re not only getting the live coaching calls, but the entire Authentically You community, mini-interviews with guest experts, and, if you sign-up before tomorrow, a free one on one session with me (valued at $197). And who knows, maybe you’ll even be able to make the time to hop on a group call later in the program.

2. Do I get lifetime access to the audio lessons?

Yes! You will be able to access your audio lessons even after the group program ends.

3. What do the group coaching hours look like?

On Tuesdays I will hold 1-hour of group coaching at 11:00 AM California time, and on Thursdays I will hold 1-hour of group coaching at 5:30 PM California time. The day before each group coaching call, I will send an email reminding you of the call, and asking you to please RSVP. If you RSVP ‘yes’ I will send over the call in info for the following day.

During the call, you will have the opportunity to ask questions, share your successes, and let your challenges be known. From there, I will walk you through your challenges & celebrate your successes with you.

I’ve held several group programs before, and everyone benefits from ANY questions that are asked in the calls. So, the calls are a no-judgement zone, and ALL questions are okay. We are here to support one another’s growth.

4. When does this group program begin?

The first email with audio lessons goes out on Monday, September 5th. However, the sooner you jump in, the sooner you’ll have access to the online community and will be able to book your bonus one on one call with me, when you sign-up for the “Transform Me” package.

5. How often will you be in the group community interacting with us?

I’ll jump into the online community at least once a day throughout the program. However, I will leave space for everyone in the group to interact first before I comment, so that the group can be more about YOU interacting vs. only me answering questions.

I believe that everyone in the group (and know from previous programs) has so much to offer one another, especially in a setting where it feels good to encourage each other.

6. If I buy the “Grow Me” package and decide to later upgrade to “Transform Me,” will I be able to do that? 

If you begin Authentically You with the basic “Grow Me” package and wish that you had more community and group coaching time, you will be able to upgrade.

However, the longer you wait, the more group coaching time and community interaction you will lose. So, if you believe you’d enjoy having community and group coaching hours now, I’d encourage you to gift yourself the “Transform Me” package to start with. View the two package options here.

Have a question that I did not answer here? Comment below to let me know!

Thank you so much for being here!

I hope you’ll join me.

Authentically You - Goodbye: comparison, guilt, and restrictive eating. HELLO: happier, healthier, brighter YOU!

P.S. Please don’t forget that tomorrow is the last day for early birds to get a bonus one on one call with me fo’ FREE ($197 value) when you join Authentically You here.

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