Be Careful What You Ask For

Hi all! It’s Tuesday! Marco & I are still in Ventura today :). I have office work this morning, a Client meeting at noon, and then we’ll be driving back to SLO town & I’ll finish up work in my home office. I scheduled most of my Clients this week for Wednesday & Thursday. I love having a full schedule. My girls are the best!

Today I am going to share my eats from last Friday. Remember yesterday when I said I have lots of eats to share? I wasn’t kidding! Ha. I think it’s so fun that you all love these types of posts!

4:50 wake/dress – note: I only wake up this early because my Hubby has to wake up at this time Thursday through Saturday for work – some of you have mentioned it! 🙂

5:30 I head off to the gym, Marco heads to work

yogurt bowl breakfast

6:45 breakfast/shower – honey yogurt, blackberries, almond butter, and granola. This was a little bit too sweet for my Friday morning, so I saved half and enjoyed it later in the day.


8:00 work – blog, Q+A video, sent a newsletter, taxes, accounting, etc. Fridays are my office days, as I talk about in the Healthy Hits the Spot Finding Balance eBook. So, many of you already know this!

sourdough bread roll and olive oil & balsamic

10:00 snack break – a little piece of toasted sourdough baguette with olive oil & balsamic. Can you tell I just bought one kind of bread this week? Ha! I was loving it so much. If felt so fun to eat “baguette.”

sub sandwich

12:00 lunchsame sandwich as Thursday. Plus, I planned to have my yogurt & the rest of the spinach salad mix, but I was already plenty satisfied after the sandwich. I save the salad & spinach mix and ate them little bits throughout the day.

green smoothie

4:00 I made a smoothie as I took a wonderful break and laid in bed reading old blog posts (which really inspired me to do these Daily Eats with times!).  If you follow me on Insta (healthyhitsthespot) or Facebook, you saw me talking about this :).

How crazy is this. January 30, 2013 this is what I wrote: “…[this morning] I realized how much of a passion I have to encourage people to have a healthy relationship with food… One I day I want to have an entire Health Coaching practice that is specific to that.” WORDS ARE POWERFUL! – from my Facebook. Come follow me :).

5:30 closed up shop & planned my next day – normally, I wouldn’t plan my next day on a Friday, as I allow the weekends to be totally free & flexible to create balance. Last Friday was a different story, because I had to work on Saturday. I’m creating something special for you girls this Summer, cause we all need a little Summer loving right?! :). Stay-tuned through my blog & mailing list here.

lentil soup for dinner

6:00 OFF & dinner – lentil soup with toasts & avocado just like the night before. Ah, love this meal so much! I put this recipe in all of my Client binders because it is just that good! I want them to enjoy it as much as I get to :).

milk and cookies petite treat

8:00 petite treat with my sweet hubby, who brought us home ice cream after work :). I’m thinking it’s because I forgot > didn’t want to buy them because Marco was sick and I didn’t want him to get more sick < to pick up Oreo’s at the grocery store? Haha!

ben and jerry milk and cookies

9:00 asleeeeeeeeep!

How crazy is it that in January of 2013 (I was already Health Coaching at this point, but narrowing my niche) that I wrote those words above?! Who else believes that words are powerful?! I swear… this kind of stuff happens all of the time. Be careful what you ask for, right? 🙂 

xo, your coach


Love, Paige

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