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Good morning everyone! Time to catch you up on Sunday 🙂 I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!


Breakfast was a slice of organic multi-grain toast with 2 eggs on top (these are the best eggs ever, I’ll take a picture of the carton today and post it tomorrow)

After breakfast, Marco picked me up and we went to Church… Church was so good yesterday, the message was so relevant to my Health Coaching.. I took some notes. The verse we studied (yes, we go through a book one verse at a time) was Ephesians 4:29 – “Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.”

  • Our words should be good for building up
  • Our words should bless those who hear them
  • Our words should be only what is good
  • We should refrain from useless talk
  • No speech should come out of our mouths that would tear people down

The average person speaks 16,000 words per day… How are you using your words?

Our pastor also talked about how speech/mood is contagious… when someone around you is speaking down about others, or speaking down to you, don’t you feel a little bit more drug down?

In my Health Coaching, I am teaching to practice accepting compliments. I am also teaching, that when you are around friends that tend to tear people down, say something, but don’t return a rude comment for a rude comment. For example, if you have a friend that says “Ha! What is she wearing?” instead of going along with it, say “Hey.. that girl has a beautiful smile, what about focusing on the good in people?” I walk around now a days looking for the good in people. It’s a habit.

It’s true. Marco tells me I would be “an awful guy” because my eye always catches smiling people and I tend to say, wow, they are so pretty. Or wow, that person looks so cute! Or, I love those shoes. Or, look at that hair! It’s beautiful! There’s no point in saying rude things about others. Really! Ask yourself, “what good is going to come from saying something rude about someone else?” Nothing. Nothing good will ever come from that. In fact, when you say something bad about someone else, all that does is make you look a little less nice.

Let’s make a habit of building each other up. And if you’re going to make this a habit, that also means that when someone says “cute shirt!” or “pretty smile!” you say “thank you!” and that’s it. You don’t say… “oh, I don’t like my smile but thank you..” or “oh this? This is just an old shirt that cost like $2” You just say “thank you, that’s so nice” and maybe even return a compliment.   

I wanted to write more on this because it is soo important….

How are you with accepting and giving compliments? Be honest, and let’s talk about it. I can tell you, I did not used to be good at changing the topic when with friends. In High School, I’d go along with the slander talk and laugh at it… that’s until I realized how destructive that it to others, and to ourselves.

When we left Church, we were both craving burritos. Funny, because our pastor was talking about a burrito, using it as an example. Haha, we both left saying “okay, we have to get burritos now.”

photo 1

I got a Veggie, and he got Chorizo. Mine was good… in the beginning, and then I discovered that there were uncooked carrots, celery, cabbage, and potatoes in it, and I just couldn’t do it. I won’t say where it’s from, but no. Never again.


After the Burritos, Marco and I walked to refill the waters. While he was filling them up I walked inside the little Coffee Shop near my house, MIA’s and got a Chai Latte. This was my #Reward from the IINPhotoaDay Challenge.. Sooo good… probably the best Chai I’ve ever had..


For lunch, I had my leftover salad that I packed the day before… I needed something other than that burrito in my tummy. Yucky 🙁


For dinner, after spending the day running errands with Marco (which weirdly is one of our favorite things) I made rice and stir-fry with my new rice cooker!


We were going to make fish, but then saw it needed to defrost for 2-3 days… I’m sure there’s a way around that but I wasn’t going to chance wasting expensive fish!

After dinner, Marco got up and did the dishes. He said I had already done enough. The boy is very nice 🙂

I of course, got antsy sitting by myself so I went to the Kitchen to bug him and it turned into a towel fight all around the apartment. I was dying laughing, my neighbors must hate me… Haha


He got me pretty good. But it’s okay, I got a really good one on him. Ha!


This is his “I’m going to try the dishes now, and if you hit me again, I’ll kill you” face.


And for dessert, a little bowl of watermelon 🙂

After dinner, we watched Wanderlust… got it from RedBox… it was soo funny!

Hope you all have a wonderful day, and use your words nicely 🙂


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