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Today I want to introduce you to Beacon Coffee Company in Ventura, CA.


They are located off Olivas Park Drive + Bunsen Ave. It’s located in a somewhat hidden spot, but totally worth going out of your way for a great cup of Coffee.

In fact, if you want a great little date, drive to Beacon, pick up a cup, and head out for a walk at the Ventura Harbor which is not far down Olivas Park Drive!

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If you’re a scone lover, this is the place to be. My Mom picked one up while we were there. It was a Cherry Almond Scone. I’m not even a huge cherry, or scone fan, but this… WOW. It was really good!

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While I was there, Jennifer gave me a bag of Coffee to take home and try for myself. I’ve had it every morning since she gave it to me. I love it. It has a very high-quality flavor, and therefore I savor it. It’s so perfectly mild. I’m perfect with just one cup.

Here is some info directly from Jennifer about the Coffee:

Colombia Finca La Meseta.

We sourced this coffee in 2012 during an origin trip to Colombia. After working with both the farm and the mill, we were able to have this coffee sorted separately. (Most coffee in Colombia is mixed with other farms in the same growing region, so single estates are hard to come by). We visited the farm again this last December to secure this coffee for next year. It was very rewarding to hand a fresh roasted bag to the farmer with his name on the bag (this was a first for him).

Here are more specifics for this coffee:

Colombia ‘La Meseta’ Jardin, Antioquia

Farm: La Meseta

Origin: Colombia

Micro-region: Jardin, Antioquia

Elevation: 4600-5600 feet above sea level

Family: Hernan Fernandez

Cultivar: Caturra, Colombiano

Preparation: fully washed, patio dried

Notes: 150,000 trees

Tasting Notes: full bodied & bright with nice acidity. Hints of peach & grapefruit citrus.

Now, when I taste other Coffee, I can immediately taste the difference. Most everything else tastes burnt to me. When I go other places I’ve been sticking to tea. At home, I choose Beacon, and when I got out for Coffee, I also choose Beacon, or at least somewhere that carries it like Kay’s Coffee or Palermo.

photo 3

When you’re looking for Beacon, here’s what to look for. This is a photo of the front.

photo 1

Inside they have some great options to choose from. They visit all of their farms and can tell you anything you want to know – ask them!

They roast it themselves at Beacon.

photo 2

The inside is pretty small, and there’s not a ton of seating, but like I said, it’s a great place to grab some Coffee & go for a walk. The whole experience is great, and so worth it. That being said, there are a couple of tables, just not a ton 🙂

I love going places where I can really appreciate, and feel good about what I’m putting into my body. Beacon is definitely one of those places!

I added them to my new Healthy Hits Ventura List. If you haven’t seen it, check it out!

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