Becoming the Woman You Want to Be (SPECIAL PODCAST EPISODE)

Today is super special, because I’m sharing my free audio training on the podcast (and chatting about it here, too, on the blog) to becoming the woman you want to be. This training will give you the three secrets you need to know to become her. These secrets will help you weed out everything that’s holding you back from becoming the woman you want to be, and I hope you’ll take the next step with me to become her.

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Did you know that most women I talk to end their days feeling frustrated that their reality isn’t the version of them they want it to be? Yes, it’s true.

  • They aren’t spending money the way they want to.
  • They aren’t eating the way they want to.
  • They aren’t decorating or cleaning their homes the way they want to.
  • They aren’t showing up in their friendships or marriage how they want to.
  • They aren’t dressing the way they want to.
  • They aren’t in a work position that they want to be in.
  • They aren’t running their business how they want to.

The list could go on and on.

WHY is this happening? Why is this dissatisfaction their realities?

In my free training (which I’ve made version one available on the podcast today, as a special episode), I dive into three life altering things that will answer this very question of WHY.

I chat about how it IS possible for you (yes, you!) to feel like the best version of you, the fully expressed you that you long to be.

I share what mindsets will actually move the needle when it comes to experiencing lasting transformation in your life, in any area.

One powerful thing I dive into is the concept of visualizing not only your desired destination of change, but envisioning the good AND hard parts along the way to your goals. When you do this, you won’t be so bummed when the road to change gets bumpy, when change feels HARD. This mindset sets you up for being perseverant instead of giving up. When you commit to a goal, know that you are committing to ALL parts of that goal, not just the end game. All means ALL, meaning even the messy middle parts, the “this is SO hard!” parts that make you want to throw in the towel.

I get so excited about this stuff, you guys!

Tune into the episode to hear me explain the above concept more and share the three secrets that will definitely rock your world, in a very good way when it comes to living your one life as the women you dream of being.

Pro tip? Listen to the episode as if you were ALREADY your dream come true you. Go for a walk, water your garden, do the dishes, do your commute and have the mindset as you listen of already having arrived at the YOU that you want to be.

Happy listneing!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why more self-help books and personal development podcasts aren’t the answer to change
  • Why you need to let go of the idea of a magic pill
  • Why visualization is SO important and more effective than something else

Mentioned in this Episode:

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