Bed on the Boxspring

Good morning guys! Okay, so I want to whip through the food and get to the bed because I’ve found something that I like more than the Bed on the Floor idea. I think you will too!


Breakfast was a Green Smoothie!


Lunch was potato salad and an organic apple (this Potato salad looks small, but it’s so rich that it’s quite filling)


For dinner, I made Marco and I quinoa with pesto, broccoli, and Salmon. Yum. SO good! I loved steamed broccoli!

After dinner, we went and did some grocery shopping for the week, so now, our fridge is not so limited 🙂

Okay, so here’s the newer, better (?) idea! What do you guys think? Not so low, still totally cozy, and we will be able to use side tables.


Bed on the Boxspring.


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The idea behind this whole wanting to change the bed is for pure comfort and a cozy look. I love how it looks so casual, and sooo comfortable. Don’t you just want to plop down on each of these beds? Haha, plop sounds funny, but it makes sense, right?

Okay, so let me know what you think! Bed frame, bed on the floor, or bed one the boxspring? What would you do?


Love, Paige

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