Being Thin Won’t Make You Happy

So, tonight I’m working late and I decided to bring my computer so that I could blog to the world tonight about my eats yesterday… only to realize that I left my camera at home… whoops! There went that idea. You’ll be seeing yesterday and todays eats together in tomorrow’s post.

Quote you create beauty

So, tonight I wanted to post on My Story. I’m sure many of you have read it, but maybe it’s been months since you’ve looked at it. For me, it has been quite a while. It’s not often that I go back and read my own story 😉

Today, My Story popped in my mind, and I wanted to go back to it. Here’s the part that touched me most. Yes, touched by my own words, because I know how it felt starting this blog with a huge amount of passion behind it. I can’t believe where it’s taken me.

I don’t ever worry about calories now. I just try to make healthy choices as much as I can, and I always eat whatever my body is craving. If I want a treat, I make a treat. I do not deprive myself, and I never “talk mean” to myself now. I always fill my head with good thoughts, and I don’t ever tell myself “you look fat,” because I know I don’t. It is 100% about mindset for me.

I created this blog, to share my journey with all of you, and I hope that you guys will be so inspired to just love yourselves! You totally deserve it! Don’t waste 6 years of your life, trying to measure up to something you think you are not, because you are beautiful! Being thin is not going to make you happier; being healthy is! The way to achieve happiness is to treat yourself well, and totally enjoy yourself! You are the only you in this entire world, and that is never going to change. We all have to live with food, and live with making choices for the rest of our lives. We may as well do it right, and have fun along the way!

You can read my entire story on the blog, to see how I got to the point where I was even able to write the words above. I bring this back up, to again say what I strongly believe. Being thin won’t make you happier; being healthy will! Don’t wait to start loving yourself!

I work with so many young women. Some of them do have a goal of weight loss, but, it is never my intention to help them to only lose weight. It is always my intention to help them expand their lives, live in a way that makes them feel confident, joyful, and enabled to follow their passions. My goal is for my Clients to live a full life.

I remember a few Summers ago my brother and I were having a conversation while on vacation. I will never forget what he said to me: “don’t eat to lose weight, just eat to be healthy.” This took so much pressure off of eating for me. For 6 years I had engrained in my mind that I had to eat for weight loss. When my brother told me this, it released me from old habits. Although I had never heard it put into these words, I knew I was sick of having to always stress over what I ate. There is nothing fun about that.

life is too short to wait

So, today, I ask you- where are you in your life? Are you at a point where you feel like “If I could only lose weight, I would be happy”? What’s stopping you from living now? What will you do to start living?

If you need encouragement in this area, please contact me at Tell me a little bit about what you’re going through, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. I am opening up 3 Health Coaching spots in Sept., specifically because I was re-inspired by My Story this afternoon. If I can’t reach all of you, I want to at least have the opportunity to reach 3 more of you within the next month.

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Love, Paige

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