Best Day Babysitting

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday.

I babysat from 11-8, and 6-11:30. I know, it doesn’t make sense, but I will explain! 🙂


Oatmeal w/ toasted coconut + walnuts on top

JUICING! I pulled out the old Juicer, thanks to the inspiration of my school!

Look at that green juice! I sipped on it all throughout the day, and it was delightfull!

Lot’s of celery, handful of kale, + an apple. Let’s just say yesterday, I was in the best mood, and I’m going to credit that to my eating! It was fulllll of fruits + veggies.

I was in suuuch the mood for fresh, healthy food, so I went with it! I took this 1/2 cantaloupe with me babysitting, and spooned out all the yummys. Free bowl!

I later snacked on these cashews

When I went to make Ella’s lunch, I was inspired by David Wolfe (he spoke at my school) to try the leaves of the strawberry. He said they were good in salad. So I thought, well, I’m just going to try it whole. It grew like that, so I should try it! I tried it, and no difference! I have been brainwashed my whole life to throw the GREEN of the berry away! Why?! 😛

I immediately told Ella as I was making her meatballs, per request. She tried the leafy strawberry and loved it as well!

I went over to her plate a few minutes later to found that she ate all the green!

See what it does to you? 😉

I text my boyfriend saying “I did something good today! I added in greens to Ella’s diet!” Haha, he said “The simplest things make you so happy.” Which clearly made me even more happy..!

On our way to pick up Emery, I had my PB Larabar. I knew if I wanted any of it, I had to eat it before I picked her up. They are her favorite. Selfish? Dang, I feel bad! I’m sure other babysitters know what I mean, haha!

Here she is! After we picked her up, we went to my house, played with the puppies for about an hour, picked fruits & veggies from our garden, and then went back to the girls house to make dinner

Tacos, peas, and rice pudding!

I decided to eat like a kid too, because I knew I wouldn’t be off until almost midnight.

Those were as green as the tacos were going to get. No green. The girls insisted on just meat and shell. They were probably full of strawberry leaves 😉

A little while later, I went to take care of my overlapping jobs. Picked up the boys, from daycare, and told them they got to hangout with Marco! Trust me, both parties were thrilled (Marco, and the boys).

GIRLS CLUB (ABOVE) Emery decided to be picture shy all of the sudden


Clearly girls are way cooler

But apparently, “Boys Rule”

“Look at me, I can put a spoon in my mouth, and crack it with my teeth during this picture!” (WHOOPS!)

My girls 🙂 I didn’t get any Fro-Yo because I wasn’t craving the sugar. Next time when I am, I’ll grab some!

Later on around 9, Marco and I got hungry again. I had been done watching the girls for about an hour, so it was just us and the boys. They live across the street. How convenient, right?

We walked to my house to find my Mom making Boca Burgers to perfection! I gotta get me one of those!

After the Boca Burgers, I made little Petite Treats for everyone. Banana Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate Chips on top. The boys said it even beat the Fro-Yo! OH YEA!

If you have a juicer, (I have a Champion. No, really it’s called a Champion) just use the homogenizing feature and push frozen banana chunks through. That’s it. Literally.

Okay, well that’s a wrap! I hope you all have an amaaaazing day! I’m off to go babysit again, and then pamper myself with better roots and less split ends! I love Salon days 🙂 See you all tonight!

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