Big Ol’ Update {+ Daily Eats x3}

Good morning everyone! This next part is for those of you that are into reading, and learning about what’s going on in my life. All you daily eats and food people, feel free to scroll down, and don’t feel bad 🙂

I am so thankful to just be sitting at my desk this morning, in my PJ’s, with my Coffee in hand… No where to be (for at least a couple of hours)..

This week has been so busy.. There’s been a lot of decision making, a lot of back to back plans, and truth be told, kind of a lot of stress on my part.

I am usually a quick decision maker, but this last decision took a longgg time for me to make.

Moving back home.

I love our apartment. Like, love. I call it my home. I come here, and I feel calm. I feel like I eat great here, I sleep well here, I always feel good here, I relax well here, I love where it is… everything about it.

But, I also know that there are things that you have to do sometimes that are just outside your comfort zone.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my parents, we have a great relationship. I’m not nervous to live with them. I’m only nervous not to have this cute little place that I have grown to love so much.

Anyways, there are some things goin’ on (don’t worry, these are really good things) and we can’t be locked into a Ventura lease right now. So, we’re moving home in order to save, be mobile, and be with family.

This was just decided on Monday, and we’re moving out this next Monday. I found a great girl to rent our apartment, and I am so excited about that. But with work, Thanksgiving, Wedding Planning, Parties, and just maintaining a normal, healthy life, there is a lot going on right now, ha! It feels like my to-do lists are staring at me when I look at them. I’m the type of person that if I write it down, I’m going to do it. I’m also the type of person that if it’s on my mind, I’m going write it down. So you can imagine how many things I’m having myself do in this situation 😉 Calling moving companies, finding storage, finding the perfect person for the apartment, being in constant contact with them, etc.. the list goes on….

Marco and I have a full weekend Saturday and Sunday, and then Monday morning, bam. We’re moving, and hoping to be done (mostly) by 3:30pm so I can start work at 4:00.

A few awesome things:

  • My parents are great – we always have fun with them, and I find myself spending so much time with them now
  • My Dad is an amazing cook…. seriously…. the best
  • My Mom is literally my best girlfriend
  • My Dad just re-did pretty much the whole house, and more specifically, the two rooms we are renting
  • I’m going to have my own office, with a closed door… This I am really excited about… Brand new everything!
  • We are going to be able to save so much before the Wedding Day hits, and Marco and I both love saving
  • There is endless Coffee at Mom and Dad’s
  • Noah is there! Oh my gosh… my little guy!
  • We will be living right next door to my cousins
  • We will get to do laundry downstairs instead of having to drive to it
  • We will get to wash our cars anytime instead of having to plan for it
  • I get to be in the neighborhood I grew up in, which I love

So, see… even though there seems like so much going on, I can make this list and see that there is so much good coming from it. I’m truly so excited now. I love that we’ve made a decision, and we are going with it. Yes, it’s going to be a lot of work, and yes, we have more furniture than ever to move (hello, new living room set), but it’s going to be so nice. I’m excited for this next chapter.

I feel like I just journaled in my own blog post… See HHCG’s… Early Morning Page style really does help! Haha! Thankful for gratitude lists 🙂

Okay, so for the part the rest of you care about! 😉


5:45 walk


7:00 eggs & toast + almond milk latte – this is not from SBUX… I have a re-usable cup 🙂


12:00 Greens for lunch! Yum… these ones are so good! I made these greens with my big ol’ Deardorff Family Farms Fresh Picks box… which I will post about once I’m settled next week!


1:00 Mango + an Apple

IMG_5203.JPG IMG_5204.JPG

3:00 greens and ginger smoothie


7:30 brown rice, chicken, sauteed zucchini and avocado with liquid aminos. Yummmmy!


5:45 Gym to do my Weight Lifting Routine, which I will also post about later when things are settled… I have been LOVING this routine!


7:00 coffee + eggs & toast


11:30 half a turkey sandwich on sourdough


11:45 I needed a little afternoon “dessert” so I had a baby bowl of cereal with almond milk… this satisfied my cereal craving

At 3:00pm, I met with my amazing photographer. Amanda Driver! Her and her husband are photographers, and they seriously take the best, most full of life photos. They’re 100% my style! Check out their Website for inspiration!

We went to Coffee Bean, and then scouted the location where I’m getting married to see where we can take pretty photos on the Golf Course. At Coffee Bean, I ordered a Passion Tea Latte… Now, I started off ordering these, and then realized what was in the powder that comes with them (the Vanilla Powder is in most lattes). It’s not the best for you. So, usually, I order half tropical passion tea, and half steamed soy and add honey in myself. Wednesday, nope. I wanted to treat myself to something entirely creamy and delicious, so I ordered it with the powder 🙂


6:00 bowl of cooked Greens… Yum! So good on a rainy, busy day!


8:00 dessert! A small apple and banana with sunflower seed butter


5:45 Gym to do weights!


7:00 eggs & toast… plus I toasted a little heel of sourdough 🙂 Yum!

I was so busy all morning calling moving companies, storage unit places, getting phone numbers, calling Fry’s (have to use the warranty on my Blender… it all of the sudden died on me after about 500 green smoothies – haha!).. and just organizing this move… I didn’t have time to pack my lunch, so I left the house with a bag of mangoes

I had some dried mangos while babysitting, and a NuGo bar the Mom I was sitting for (thanks Rachael!)

For lunch, little Kampbell and I went to red brick pizza. I got a Fahzini which is basically a salad wrapped in a small gluten free pizza dough. It was soo good! Second time I’ve had it.

I didn’t take pictures, because to be honest I wasn’t even sure I was going to be able to post today. I was supposed to work this morning, but didn’t take the job because I don’t want to over work myself this weekend.

When I got home I had a mindless handful of potato chips, and a couple bites of Marco’s Chocolate Builder Bar. I stopped myself in my tracks and thought “Paige, snap out of it! What are you doing?” Haha! Stress eating of course… I did something more mindful and laid down with Marco and rested with him until I had to work.


7:30 for dinner, I made us something big and delicious. Yum! So satisfying. Brown rice with chicken masala, cilantro, broccoli, half an avocado, and a flatbread warmed with hummus… Sooo good and exactly what I wanted last night.

Okay, wow… that post took me an hour to write! Sorry it was so wordy! But, I liked to be able to explain stressful situations and what goes through my mind, and how I handle them. I think it helps you guys be able to relate. So, thanks for reading!

I hope you all have a good day!

I don’t think I will be back to the blog this weekend – I am going to a balanced financial workshop at Church with Marco tomorrow morning, and then we have parties to get to. Sunday will be Church, cleaning out my parents garage (aka our new storage unit… poor parents) and then an early family Thanksgiving. Monday, MOVING! So, if I get here over the weekend, see you then. If not, I’ll see you Monday night or Tuesday morning.


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