Bike ride with the boyfriend made my day :)

Good evening! Okay, so tumblr decided to finally start working for me 😉

I wanted to post a pictures of my proud organization from this morning! See my vision board? All the pictures of girls are just outfits that I like 🙂

All my bookaroos. This is where I usually sit in the morning with my coffee and a cozy blanket and my favorite book. I think everyone deserves to spend the first part of there day just for them 🙂

And this is where the blogging happens! My desk 🙂

I filled out my little white pink board on my mirror so I can keep track of the workouts that I do each day. Like today, I did the P90X Ab ripper. Tomorrow I am going to a body works gym class: I like to keep it interesting!

As a snack around 2ish, I had cottage cheese with berries, walnuts, and coconut. Mmm, yummy combo!


After I ate my snack, I worked for a little while, took Griffin to get new school stuff, picked up his basketball gear, and dropped him off at practice. That boy- I am a lucky nanny. I love the days where he just talks about everything that he’s excited about. He’s got such enthusiasm!


Now after that comes a great part of my day! I drove out to Camarillo and hungout with Kurt before he went off to work. We watched a movie, hungout, laughed our butts off, and then went for a bike ride to Starbucks to get Green Tea Fraps (well, I rode a bike, he skateboarded). It was honestly so much fun. My favorite part was riding in front of him and looking back to see that big smile on his face 🙂

And here is the picture of my Green Tea as I was driving home and almost finished! Haha, at least I remembered at some point, right!?

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