Birthday Celbrations



My brother, Chase, made incredible pancakes (recipe linked) yesterday! I enjoyed one with a little bit of egg + cheese on the side.


I am usually not a pancake girl, but these… these were amazing! I promised Marco I would make them for him sometime!

I will ask Chase for the recipe and post it!


We also celebrated my Dad’s 58th Birthday! He is an awesome Dad.

I got him a card that talked about how yesterday was the perfect day to stop and appreciate him. I couldn’t help but think that should be happening everyday. I guess that’s what happens when life gets busy? Well, not anymore. I’m going to make more of an effort to show my parents how much I really do appreciate them.


A few hours later, I drank some more of my green juice. Gotta make some more of that today!


For lunch, my family went to BJ’s.

My Seester and I split Avocado Egg Rolls, and left some on the plate. Those things are filling!


We also split a Honey Crisp Chicken Salad


And the Pazooki! An ooie-gooie cookie with ice cream on top! We all shared this, and another when they accidently said Happy Birthday twice. We weren’t complaining! Those things are great! Once the ice cream melted it tasted like milk & cookies! Mmm!


Here we are! Kinda blurry…


Marco & I


Mom & Dad


Jinna & Terry


After BJ’s, Marco & I went to his aunts house to celebrate his grandfathers B-Day! It was on the same day as my Dads!


I was too full to eat dinner, but I wasn’t going to pass up the dessert! Greek frozen yogurt + lemon cake


This is brownie! His little cousins new bunnie. How cute is he? He was a lucky bunny, he pretty much had an entire room designated to him. And a homemade cage, tons of baskets to chew on, and he gets hand fed lettuce every night. He was eating the lettuce right out of my hand. I fell in love, and maybe thought I needed a bunny too.


Until I came home and saw little Noah cooling his belly off on the floor


I saw him and felt content


My little boy! While he was relaxing, Marco and I went running again. We have been having so much fun with this! I swear, it seems like one of the most healthy things you can do for a relationship. Now, I am no expert at relationships, but when we are out there running together, we talk, we laugh, and we get to enjoy each others company with no phones, no computers, no people… just us, and the road ahead. I completely love it. Running with him is so much more fun than running with an iPod! Haha, I am looking forward to our 3rd run tonight.

Question of the day:

Do you have a running partner? Do you prefer to run alone, or with someone else?

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