Birthday Outfit Ideas

This post is going to be short and sweet. This one (yes, me) is laying on the couch blogging to the world while under a fever. I feel miserable. I must be crazy for blogging right? Well, I just took a shower and feel okay to type right now. So I had to get a post in!


Last night is when I started feeling yucky. Actually, it was more like the afternoon. Marco was on his way over to run with me and I suddenly got really sleepy. Our plans were to hit the pool after our run, but instead, we walked the run and layed down afterwards.


Oh, and yes, I am showing you the hat he got me 🙂 I wore it yesterday because my Bro was borrowing my Ray Bans. Plus, I love it!


The last picture I took last night was of this apple.

The picture following completely sucked, and after that, I was camera-less.

Here’s what I had:

An apple

Chicken + baked beans


1 cup strawberries + a spoonful of sunflower butter (no, not with the berries!)


This morning, I woke up feeling awwwwwful. I wasn’t sure what I felt like. I know one rule though- no Coffee today! That makes my sicknesses way worse. I had tea + this probiotic smoothie. Yes, it has sugar, and yes, it probably has too much, but I’ve always kept these in my diet while doin this cleanse. Maybe I shouldn’t? Welp, to be honest, today I so don’t care. If I end up craving some grain, I am darn sure going to have it because I am going to listen to my bodies cues to know what I need to do to heal. I hope you all would do the same!

So far, I haven’t craved any grains. I don’t see myself craving cheese or sugar either, because I have no idea how either could make me feel better 😉


As a snack, I had a banana with honey, plus sunflower butter


My little nook for the day. Laying down, relaxing, drinking tea, water, emergen-C, soup, smoothies. Trying to get well!


I also had an apple


And homemade split-pea soup.

Sorry that this post is kind of drab- I am sure you can understand why I may not be as chipper as my usual self.

Before I go, I wanted to share the sweetest thing. I got an email from one of my loyal readers, Lara. She sent me tons of pictures for outfit ideas of what I could wear on my 21st! Soo so cute! I appreciate her taking the time to do this for me. It really shows a lot for a persons character when they take their own time to help someone else 🙂

Morning Outfit

^^ I think I have pretty much the exact same outfits ^^


The left one looks so cozy- I don’t have much like it… Actually who am I kidding, I probably do!

Brunch & Afternoon Opt

I could most definitely make something like this with my own clothes 🙂

Brunch&Afternoon Opt. 5

^^ I can’t get over how adorable this is ^^

e&n O1 e&no2

Evening & Nightlife Evening&Nightlife Evening & Nightlife 3 Evening&Nightlife 4

Also, here is one that I found yesterday that is right here in my hometown at Tiki Girl. How cute is it?!


Question for you:

Which are your favorites?

(PS, I am happy to receive many more pictures!!)

Picture 1

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