Black Bean, Pesto & Parmesan Brown Rice

Yea… I just said ALL of that… THIS rice recipe is sooooo good!

Last Sunday, I was having a “throw anything we have left together” kinda day. I mean, did you see our fridge?

Brown Rice Recipe With Chicken Broth, Shredded Parmesan Cheese, Black Beans, and Pesto

Here’s what you need to have leftover in your house for this recipe:

  1. brown rice
  2. chicken broth
  3. parmesan cheese (shredded)
  4. a can of black beans
  5. pesto

brown rice recipe with black beans

To make it:

  1. grab a large pot, good for cooking rice
  2. bring 2 cups of liquid to a boil (I used half water, half chicken broth)
  3. add in 1 cup of brown rice
  4. while that’s cooking, rinse and drain one can of black beans
  5. when the rice is done, add in the black beans, 2 T. of pesto, and a handful of parmesan cheese
  6. mix it all together and enjoy as a side or main dish!

Brown Rice Recipe With Chicken Broth, Shredded Parmesan Cheese, Black Beans, and Pesto With Lime and Diced Tomatoes

If you’re having it as a main dish, add pico de gallo, extra chopped tomatoes, and fresh squeeze LIME on top… SOOOO yummy. I’m smiling just thinking about it!

I hope you love this recipe! Let me know 🙂


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xo, your coach


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