11 Blog Posts to Support You This (COVID-19) Season

11 Blog Posts To Support You This (COVID-19) Season

Last week we returned home from Mexico to what felt like an entirely different world with the rise of COVID-19.

Our town, in San Luis Obispo, is under “shelter at home” orders. Which, I’m thankful for.

On Sunday, I moved my office to our home and have been working here since.

I am such a homebody that this has not been a hard transition for me.

But for you who are more extroverted like my husband, perhaps this has been more challenging.

As I often do when I have more time at home, I was going through old blog posts doing some cleaning up, and I came across several posts I felt would be helpful for you during this time.

All of them speak to self-care, working through anxiety, feelings of loneliness, and the difference between forever and a season (which is what we’re going through now).

11 blog posts to support you in this season of COVID-19:

  1. Life Changes
  2. When Self-Care Means Honoring Perceived Laziness
  3. Working *Through* Anxiety
  4. Why Self-Care Is An Essential Part of Intuitive Eating
  5. The Most Important Person to Check-In With
  6. Calm Is Your Superpower
  7. Your Thoughts Create Your Emotions
  8. Being Alone Is Not the Same and Being Lonely (Falling In Love With Alone Time)
  9. You Can Do Hard Things
  10. “Seasons” VS “Forever”
  11. Why It’s Important to Learn How to Feel Uncomfortable Feelings

How I’m Supporting My Online Community During This Time

On the blog: As many of us are sheltering at home, I’ll be blogging more often for the foreseeable future. Two upcoming posts I’m planning are: Eating Intuitively During COVID-19 and How to Make the Most of Sheltering At Home.

I’d also love to take any blog post requests you have (if you have a request share it in the comments or email it to me: paige@paigeschmidt.com).

Within The Growth Vault (my online group coaching membership + vault of ALL of my courses in ONE place!): I’ve added in more video hangouts on Zoom for the entire community to get together virtually – we lovingly call these hangouts our “Coffee Connection” calls. These hangouts are full of beautiful, likeminded women who fully support each other no matter where each are at in their own journeys with eating/living more intuitively. We show up with sweatshirts, messy buns, coffee, and just HANG OUT. We connect. We talk. We love on each other. It’s the best! You can join TGV here. All are welcome!

With my current clients: I’m offering all to switch their phone sessions to video sessions. This has been a hit the past week – face to face connection is high on the cravings list of many of my clients right now, so I’m honoring that (I have LOVED seeing their faces).

For past clients: Those of you who are seeking connection and conversation, I’m offering one-off sessions to connect, talk, and provide you the space to explore how you can be intentional during this time.

For new clients: If you are looking for someone to share your struggles with in conversation… someone you can ask for help… and you would like to have the support to keep progressing forward without falling into old habits, I’m here. I’ve opened up space on my calendar for new clients to book free 60-minute Discovery Sessions – all it “costs” is 60-minutes of your time – but really what you will discover for yourself from these 60-minutes is invaluable.

I’m with you. I’m for you. I’m here to show up and support you.

Love, Paige

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