Read Paige Schmidt's Story Behind Building Their New Home and Moving to Reno, Nevada
We BOUGHT a HOUSE! Holy moses. I’ve been waiting to share this news with you since April 7th of this year. Do you want the whole story? Because I’m about to give you the whole story… Last September we drove to Tahoe from San Luis Obispo to attend our friends wedding. We fell deeply in love with Tahoe and Reno...

Starting With the End in Mind

Ask Yourself These Powerful Questions to Gain Clarity for the Direction of your Life
What’s the first thing that you do when you open up the maps app in your phone? You enter an address, right? Then you hit “Go.” Then your phone tells you exactly how to get there and you follow along. Noooone of this would happen had you not first entered where you wanted to go, correct? It’s the same with...

Living As if You Were Already Where You Wanted to Be

Read Paige Schmidt's Insight on How to Live as if You Were Already Where You Want to be.
Right now, in your day to day, where do you wish you were in life? We all have those “I wish…” dreams and statements. I wish I was able to take my business full time… I wish I had that job… I wish I had enough money to do that thing… I wish I had this new camper (ahem, Marco)…...