Day 2: Routine Challenge

How I'm challenging myself to be intentional in my routine and how I'm already experiencing growth.
Good-morning! Today is the second day of the routine challenge (see it here) I’m doing on the blog and some of you have chosen to join me and be intentional about your own routines! I have a few reflections to share today that I’ve already witnessed in the first two days of my own routine challenge. 1. Feelings That Have...

Day 1: Routine Challenge

An inside look at my daily routine (and how many times I hit my snooze button!)
Good-morning all! Today is day one of the routine challenge I told you about on Thursday. Since I wrote that post I have been inspired to wake up earlier between 5:30 and 6:00. So I’ve already had a few days of this and it feels so good to wake up early. Now don’t get me wrong, it does NOT feel...

Routine Challenge

An inside look at a new routine challenge and an invite to join me!
Hey you! I’m starting a routine challenge this Sunday and want to invite you to join me. Here’s what’s happening and why I’m doing this: WHAT I’m doing a routine challenge! Meaning, I’m setting up a new routine for myself that I am going to follow for two weeks starting this Sunday. WHY I love routine. I love routine because...