Eating Intuitively in an Office Full of Donuts

Learn How to Eat Intuitively in an Office Full of Donuts
Do you work in an office space where your co-workers show their love by bringing in boxes of donuts or bags of candy? How does that make you feel? (This is a serious, non-meant-to-be-therapeutic question, ha!). If you’re anything like the rest of my clients this leaves you (or at one point in your journey, left you) feeling less-grateful and...

Eating Intuitively on Halloween When You’ve Got a Pillow Full of Candy

How to Eat Intuitively and Approach Candy on Halloween
When I was little my cousins would come over with their pillowcases ready to fill up trick-or-treating each Halloween. I was never much of a sweets kid, growing up. I’m still that way today… That said, there was a time in my life where I felt like I couldn’t stay away from the sweets — I felt they had total...