When You’re Longing for “Simpler Times”

Do you ever find yourself longing for “simpler times”? What we remember as “simpler,” no matter what that is, was probably not perfect or completely easy. We just remember it so because we’ve already survived it. You’re going to survive this too.
Do you ever find yourself longing for “simpler times”? Whether… …you’re longing for the time you were a struggling freelancer, creating your own hours, going on mission trips… …you’re longing for the time that you bought your first condo, but couldn’t afford the payment on your own and always had friends living with you… …you’re longing to the time you...

So You Wanna be an Intuitive Drinker? A Post on Intuitive Drinking

Let's Start Some Convo Around Intuitive Drinking. Like most things in life... moderation is key. There is such thing as too much of a good thing.
Today we’re chatting alcohol. Its seems I haven’t mentioned more than two-words about alcohol on the blog before (though my clients and I do talk about it) and it’s something I get questions about often. So I figured it was a great time to open up some conversation on intuitive drinking. You’ve asked: “How can I continue to honor my body...

How to Cope with Your Emotions without Using Food

Five steps you can take to learn how to cope with your emotions without turning to food.
Man, it’s been a week over here. I woke up Monday morning with a 101.1 fever and went to bed with it at 102. It was one of those mornings where I was HOPING that this wasn’t the start of being really sick and at the same time…  I knew it was… But thankfully, Monday was the worst of it and today...