Routine Challenge

An inside look at a new routine challenge and an invite to join me!
Hey you! I’m starting a routine challenge this Sunday and want to invite you to join me. Here’s what’s happening and why I’m doing this: WHAT I’m doing a routine challenge! Meaning, I’m setting up a new routine for myself that I am going to follow for two weeks starting this Sunday. WHY I love routine. I love routine because...

A Moment of Reflection on Thankfulness with God

A Moment of Reflection on Thankfulness with God from Paige Schmidt
The post I’m about to share with you is much different than my traditional blog posts on intuitive eating, self-care, relationships, etc. The upcoming post is on spirituality. It’s more of a reflection from my own spiritual life. I shared it on Instagram and got quite a few requests to turn it into a blog post so you could refer...

Daily Eats During the Workweek

Easy, delicious dinner Trader Joe's dinner. Spinach and chive linguine with shrimp. Seasoned with sea-salt and that's it.
Good-morning! I’m here with more eats from the past two days to share. Before we dive into daily eats today, I want to remind you that these posts are NOT for comparison (if these posts are triggering for you in anyway, scroll THESE posts instead). I share my eats in hopes that you’d leave here today feeling inspired and full of PERMISSION...