Blogging Ideas for each day

As some of you know, I have been trying to brainstorm a more efficient way of blogging, so I can be more consistent. While I love blogging about my daily eats, I have come to terms with the fact that I just don’t have time for that anymore.

While thinking of ways to come up with a good daily routine, I decided I wanted to set up specific days with my blog where I post about certain things {then you could all know what to expect, at a consistent time of day}. I thought of a few ideas, but wanted to ask what you guys thought! What do you like, and what do think should go? What would you add?

Blog Ideas-

Meaningful Monday (morning)
-something that inspires me

Taco Tuesday (evening)
-new taco recipes

Wordless Wednesday (evening)
-all photos

Thirsty Thursday (morning)
-smoothie recipe

How I do it Friday (morning)
-share how I do something {cooking, organizing, exercising, planning}

Anything on a Saturday (morning/evening)
-random blog post, maybe even a guest post

Super Nanny Sunday (morning)
-something related to kids every Sunday for all you Moms & Sitters

These are just brainstorming ideas for now, I would love your opinions!

Love, Paige

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