Boca Boca.

Dinner tonight was a Boca Burger


We were out of Whole Wheat Buns, so I used a whole wheat bagel thin

It was super yummy, but I am sad to say that I couldn’t eat the greens in the background. I usually love greens, but right now my taste buds are super sensitive to anything biter, and for some reason these tasted like straight pepper to me. Couldn’t do it!


The Boca was really good though 🙂 I put one Boca Patty, one slice of Muenster Cheese, four pickle slices, a little bit of blue cheese dressing on one side, and a little bit of mustard on the other. I like using blue cheese dressing instead of mayo because it has so much more flavor!

Hope you all have a good night! I am exhausted, and off to spend some more time with a girl friend of mine. See you back here in the morning!

Love, Paige

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