Book Recommendation for Healthy Relationship with Food

Hi everyone!

Thank you soo much for your responses to my last post. What a supportive group you are! I am so grateful, honestly…

Things have really changed in the past week. Certain things that were difficult, are being worked out. They are being taken care of. I am working through them. THAT feels good. It feels so good to actually be working through things, instead of pushing them to the side. I feel like there are a series of things ahead that I am going to have to walk through, and I’m okay with that. I can see now, that it is so effective to actually work through hard things in life that come up.

I haven’t been photographing my food lately, because food just seems so secondary in my life right now. I’m still eating healthy, recording my times, foods, and feelings. Yes, I added in emotions to my food/time diary. It helps to know your feelings at the time of eating as well. I got these ideas from the Study that I am doing in Geneen Roth’s book, Why Weight.

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Such a good book! I am going to be working through this book with one of my Clients, and I am so looking forward to it! It’s so wonderful – it opens your eyes to your relationship with food.


Every morning I wake up an hour before Marco gets to my house at 6:45. I am such a person of routine. I get my coffee, make my bed, grab my fuzzy blanket, and cozy up on my couch. I pull out my Why Weight book, do a section, then grab whichever book I am currently in, read about a chapter of that, and then my devotional. When Marco gets here, we read more, but we read couples books/devo’s. My mornings are full of reading – I love it!


I have to do all of my reading in the morning, otherwise reading gets crowded out by all of the plans I make during the day.

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Just a note on my Health Coaching, this is what I do, and I absolutely love it! I am not currently advertising that I’m accepting clients, but I have still had a few girls write me and have been willing to work with them. I really want to focus my attention to the first group that I am coaching. If you have questions about Health Coaching, or the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, please email me at It is my job and pleasure to answer questions about either!

I hope you all have a wonderful day! Head on over to Amazon and buy this book! If you have questions, ask below!


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