5 Books I Recommend for Intuitive Eating

Paige Schmidt Shares Five Books Recommendations For Intuitive Eating And Living. They Inspire Learning, Growth, and Creativity Without Triggering Comparison.


I hope you’re all having a great week. The weather here in Reno is killer (in a good way). Last week it was snowing. This week it’s 75 and the sun feels so warm on my skin. I knew I was excited to move, I knew it would be good, but I didn’t know it would be THIS GOOD.

If you read my story about why we decided to move to Nevada you’ll see that a lot began to change for us last September when we first got the urge to move this way. Since then, and especially this year, I’ve been pushing myself past my comfort zone daily. The “FRUIT” that has come from this is unbelievable.

Seeing the impact of doing things outside my comfort zone has made me CRAVE challenging myself. Friends, I’m not a person who naturally craves challenging myself. I’d rather stay in a cozy bed where nothing can harm me – ha!

If you would like a post on the specific ways that I’ve been working through and past my comfort zone, I’d be happy to write it – just request it below in the comments. It ranges from something as small as getting comfortable with dogs again (and how I’ve done that) all the way to moving out of state.

Today, I’m here to share five books that I recommend for intuitive eating and living. I LOVE books. They’re a place where I learn and get inspired. They don’t trigger comparison, and they create a ton of creativity for me. They change the way I think.

(If you click on the titles I’ve linked to Amazon for each book for easy ordering.)

1. Self-Compassion

You guys have probably heard me talk about this book a thousand times. If you’re a one on one client of mine, you definitely have. This book TRULY changed the way I speak to myself and the way I empathize with others.

Compassion is the cornerstone of intuitive eating and changing your relationship to food. I truly believe this. Our relationship with food shows us on a deep level how we feel about ourselves. Becoming self-compassionate gives us patience for our bodies. Grace for our actions.

This book changed my life and thinking, probably more than any other book out there. I spent an entire year reading it because I wanted to soak it in every single day. It can be super science-y. So if that bothers you, give yourself plenty of time to read it. It’s not a fun fiction. But it is life changing 😉

2. Intuitive Eating

Intuitive Eating, the book, is sort of the “bible” of intuitive eating, the concept. I personally love this book because I did one on one training to become an Intuitive Eating Counselor with Evelyn Tribole herself (one of the authors). She is wonderful – she studies the heck out of intuitive eating and knows her stuff.

She’s someone who I trust and every time I read through this book the concepts of intuitive eating  make so much sense to me. They can be hard to grasp at first, but if you stick to it, the concepts will work for you over time. (This is where it’s a great idea to have a coach supporting you, one on one.)

3. Women, Food, and God

Geneen uses “God” interchangeably in this book. Meaning, you can read this book no matter what your beliefs are. I tie “God” back to Jesus; you can read this book through the filter of your own beliefs. It’s an incredible book that gets DEEP into our relationship with food.

It really digs into our identities – how we identify ourselves. How we show up in the world. How we hide. What our relationship with food teaches us about what we believe about living in this world. It’s so interesting – I love listening to it on audio and highlighting ALL OVER in text. Great book!

4. Why Weight

This book is the filled, page by page, with writing exercises, questions, and prompts to really get to the bottom of compulsive eating. That is: making choices about food without thinking. Making automatic choices without intention. Making choices, consistently, that don’t feel good. It’s a GREAT book.

If you do get it, I recommend working through it really slowly – a couple of pages a day.

5. Health At Every Size

This book REALLY peels back the layers of lies we’re fed from “the diet industry.” It’s a real eye opener and helps me come to the place of: all I am responsible for is taking really great care of myself. I can leave the rest and the results of that up to my body (which I talk more about in this video).


Was this post helpful for you? Do you have any books to share with us that have made an impact in your life? I would love to create a thread below in the comments. So please take a moment to leave a comment with 1-3 books that have impacted you as well! I’d love to hear from you!

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