Brand New Blog Series Coming To You – Details

A couple of days ago I asked what you’d want to learn about in a Webinar from me. You said: the reason why intuitive eating/self-care are so important and worth the work.

I am now bringing you a blog series called: “Why Intuitive Eating?”

It will end with a Webinar on Intuitive Eating & Self-Care (which go hand in hand) and why they are important & worth focusing on. I’ll bring you my own insights, which will give you a new perspective.


When you talk, I listen.

This series will start next Monday. But first, I want you to share with your friends! Share on FB, Twitter, or Insta, and make sure to tag me! If you prefer, you can even invite a friend VIA email.

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What are you most excited, or do you most hope to learn, with this new series? Leave a comment so I can make this series incredible for you!

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xo, your coach


P.S. if you’re reading from the browser on your iPhone, did you see how easily you can add HHS to your home screen now? I’d love to know who uses this feature – let me know!

This series has already happened. Thank you SO much for your support & love through these posts. You can see all four posts now: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Love, Paige

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