Breakfast in Bed

Hey you guys! I hope you’re all well! I’ve still been around, doing lots to fix up the blog and get everything straightened out! It’s just been hard to blog the food part because I never know what time the kitchen is going to get destroyed again! Haha

Breakfast Yesterday

Yesterday morning I woke up to my Mom bringing me breakfast in bed. What a little shweetie! Right?!

She brought me a plum- all sliced and pretty

2 eggs

Toast, and 1 piece of bacon. It was soo good! Especially after missing a whole night of sleep (pretty much). Lets just say I rested the whole rest of the day….

Since yesterday after breakfast, this is what our kitchen has looked like. Word around the house is that it will be finished Wednesday, when my brother and his GF get here from Austin! Whoop whoop! We’ll see! I sure hope so! I want to get back to the kitchen!

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