Brought the Juicer Out!

Good morning everyone! Hope you’re all off to a good Monday start 🙂

Look in the mirror, and tell yourself something sweet today.



Yesterday morning started off with a Green Smoothie. I fell asleep Saturday night literally dreaming about plant foods, so I promised myself I’d fill up on them Sunday. Even though, Sunday morning I woke up wanting eggs, I knew I needed to honor that craving from the night before because I had a cold. At first sip, I was so glad I made a smoothie.

This one had water, spinach, banana, raw cacao, and sun warrior protein. Yum!


After my smoothie Marco and I went to Church, and the Gym. After the Gym, I walked next door to the grocery store and picked up a ton of organic fruits & veggies to juice. SO GOOD!


It was also so fun because it had been soo long since I’ve pulled out my juicer!


I made myself a delicious kale, apple, carrot, ginger, and orange juice. So much Vitamin-C, and the true natural way to have ginger-ale. Homemade, and not in a soda bottle 🙂 Oh, and by the way… I don’t like Kale, and I LOVED IT in a juice! Ladies, if you have a hard time drinking/eating kale, this is the perfect way to get it in your body!


A little while after that, I had Ezekiel toast with olive oil, avocado, himalayan pink sea salt, and chili pepper flakes for some good healthy fats! It was so great with the added drizzle of olive oil.


And before dinner while I was getting ready, another juice! So good! I can’t wait to go make another this morning 🙂 I think I got myself on a juice/smoothie kick!

Dinner is picture-less! I’m sorry! I even had my phone with me to take the photos, I just entirely forgot once I got to chatting with everyone at the dinner table.

In the evening we went to Marco’s Aunt & Uncles house to Celebrate his coming Birthday. It’s this Wednesday 🙂

My plate had salad, chicken, steak, a piece of bread, and a baby (literally) baked potato with green onions & butter on top. For dessert, I made one small plate of dessert: apple pie, ice cream, and an oatmeal cookie. I got one small scoop of each thing, plus the oatmeal cookie. It was perfect, I was left satisfied and didn’t feel overdone on the sugar (like last Friday).

Now it’s Monday morning, I’m feeling SO much better for the first time in a week, and I’m ready to make some more juice and smoothies + maybe a salad today 🙂 I know that tonight is Bachelor Night, where we always get Fro-Yo, so I’m going to make sure to fill up on plants foods before then. I’m seriously determined to have this cold wiped by the end of the week 🙂

I hope you all have a great day! ♡

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