Good morning everyone! Hope you are all having a cozy morning!

Last night, I got a suggestion from one of my readers to read the book "Inuitive Eating." It struck me more than usual, and I hopped on my computer right away and put it on hold at Barnes & Noble. When I got off work, I went straight over and picked it up. Last night, I read some of it- I didn’t want to put it down… seriously… this is going to be such a sweet read and is going to open my eyes even more.. anything to promote a healthy relationship with food, I will read! I love learning about this area, as well as teaching about this area.

I woke up at 6am this morning and had Coffee and quiet time with Aubs. In my Coffee is agave and unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk… mm!

We read our devotional again this morning as always.. it was so good! About letting go of the past… boy… that is on of the hardest areas for me! The weird thing, is that I tend to hold onto good times. I know many people hold on to the bad times and dwell on those, but I tend to compare my present times with my past, and if I’m not living as good as I was in the past, I get down on myself… can anyone relate to that? Like I will think of a time period where I was so happy and had it "all together," (last august-october… cough cough) and be weirdly jealous of that time period and wonder why right now is not exactly the same..

This was a great verse to come by… "When my anxious thoughts multiply within me, Your consolations delight my soul." Psalm 94:19… this reminds me of Sunday nights when Aubs and I get tea from Starbucks and go lay out on the beach.. it’s so starry and beautiful and it’s soo refreshing just to sit out there and look at all the beauty

For breakfast, I had greek yogurt, agave, half a banana, and almond butter. I was full before I finished all of this, so I stuck some back in the fridge for later. Whethere I’ll eat it or not, who knows. I was proud of myself for stopping when I was full, even though it was something healthy. I’m trying to make a good habit of that because it feeds a healthy relationship with food 🙂 Anyone else trying to work on this? I assume a lot of us are!

After breakfast, I wrote in my journal and then headed off to Body Works Class to lift some weights. I met my Dad there. I definitely got a good workout.

After the gym, I went to my parents house to have Coffee with them. I had a bowl of Bran Flakes with banana while I was there. I was hungry after gym.

After chatting with my parents, I ran some errands with my Mom. We went to Costco to pick out flooring for her house. It’s so nice that my Dad is such a handy man! He is going to put all of the flooring in for them. All we had to do was go pick it out. We found a great one! While we were out we also stopped at Coffee Bean and my Momma treated me to a Vanilla Latte with Soy and half the powder… (better than the no sugar added flavor, in my opinion- less processed)

When we were all done, I felt ready for some lunch, so I ate at my parents

I made a plate of nachos, and I tried to modify them in my own way to make them a little bit more healthy. I used white cheese instead of yellow, used less of it, and more salsa and healthy toppings (olives and jalapenos). These were perfect, a good size. They satisfied me just right and I will probably be full until dinner comes around.

Anyways, I am off to start my day of babysitting! Todays schedule is from 3pm until after midnight, and then again in the morning starting at 5am until 11pm. Wowza! Saturday will be a great day off (if I don’t get a call)!

Love, Paige

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