How to Have a CALM Holiday Season

LESS stress. MORE rest. LESS chaos. MORE calm. What are you focusing on this holiday season?

Today Simi and I are hosting a workshop around having a more C A L M holiday season.

You can sign-up for that workshop here (there will be recording for those who cannot make it live – would love to have you!).

So sweet… yesterday my aunt sent me a message sharing how her Church in Ventura (where the wildfires are) spent the service 1) praying for the families and 2) talking about how they can do this holiday season differently.

Rather than focusing of the craziness of buying gifts and being busy, they could focus on being together, being there for their neighbors and really coming together for the community. 

I can say without a doubt that Ventura is already doing an amazing job of this.

But as I thought more about it… how cool would that be? To focus this holiday season on spending time together. Cherishing one another.

LESS stress. MORE rest. LESS chaos. MORE calm. 

Things that I want to focus on this holiday season:

  • seeing family
  • being HOME a little more than we have been
  • donating money instead of spending it
  • going to Church with Marco + friends
  • coffee dates with friends
  • checking in on family and friends who have been displaced by the fires, seeing what they need, and helping them to replace those things
  • being a listening ear for friends who need it
  • quality time, reflection, and service

These are of course super personal to me, but I wanted to share them with you in hopes to inspire your own list of what you’d like to focus on.

What are you focusing on this holiday season? 

If you haven’t given this any thought, but rather you notice that you’re rushing through this season trying to get through it like usual, pause. Pause and make a short list of what you WANT to focus on. That’s it. Just create some intention. Some direction.

It’s not wrong to do gifts. It’s not wrong to spend money on decorations. In fact, these things are awesome and fun and as a kid, they make Christmas SO exciting. So, in writing this post I’m not saying DON’T do these things.

In fact, with this post I’m purely hoping to inspire intention. How do you WANT to feel this holiday season? WHO do you want to spend time with? HOW do you want to help others?

I’d love to hear what your intention is for this holiday season. Share with me in the comments!

And if you want to join mine and Simi’s workshop today at 3:00 PT / 6:00 ET (there will be a recording too, for those who can’t make it online live) click HERE. 

All of the profits from the workshop will be donated to families who lost their homes in the fires. 

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