Calm is My Superpower

Being SUPERHUMAN is not your superpower. And if it were? Calm probably wouldn’t survive there and feeling calm is one of your highest values, so let the superhuman go.

Calm is my superpower.

Sound strange?

This morning I woke up after being out of town for four days thinking to myself “Okay, work, then laundry, then grocery store, then lunch with my girlfriends. I can do this.”

I look at my phone and have 5 unread messages.

Requests to hangout.

Requests from the hubby to research insurance plans.

Requests for me to visit friends in other towns.

I suddenly feel overwhelmed.

I walk into the kitchen to make my coffee thinking “Crap, this is a lot!”

Not only do I have to manage everything I already wanted to get done for the day, I now have to manage these other requests too.

EVEN IF that means saying no to the requests, I find that until I do say “no” I think about them over and over and over (lesson: say no right away when you know something is too much).

While my coffee is brewing I walk into the bedroom to make my bed. I feel in a bit of a frenzy and it’s only 5:30 AM. How’d that happen?


Slow down, get calm, it’s okay.

The conversation in my head goes a bit like this…

Tell your hubby you’ll get to it if time permits, but that there’s plenty of time to work on this together tonight or this week.

Tell your two friends no. You’ve met your commitment threshold. It’s okay to say no.

Being SUPERHUMAN is not your superpower. And if it were? Calm probably wouldn’t survive there and feeling calm is one of your highest values, so let the superhuman go.

Ah, okay… This feels a little more doable.

I finished making the bed, poured my coffee and sat down at my desk to make a simple list (or rather, organize the one I already had).

#1 First thing, first: work.

I turn on calming workshop music, I put on fuzzy slippers and I sip my coffee with the music playing in the background.

I feel a bit more at ease.

I make a list in order of everything I need to do in the next 4 hours for work while I have solo office time (my most productive time).

#2 I make a personal to-do list, for today’s needs only.

Start laundry
Fill up the drinking water
Trader Joe’s
Make lunch with your girlfriends
Go to friends talk tonight

#3 I make a very short list for a few later this week or if I finish things, like looking up those new insurance plans, which I don’t have to do today.

Suddenly, I feel in control. I feel calm, I can do this. I’ve said no to MORE, as my month is already PLENTIFUL. I’ve acknowledged that I’m not superhuman and have decided that this just has to be okay.

I laugh to myself as I write that last sentence, because OF COURSE that’s okay. 

I’m ready to start my day without overwhelm. I’m ready to serve. I’m prepared to say “no” and I’m prepared to ask for help.

I was only able to think this way because I paused and chose to get CALM first. To recognize my capacity. To honor my needs, too.

Calm is my superpower.

What is yours? Can you relate to this post? Share with me in the comments! I would love to hear. Share examples if you’re willing. I’d love to hear.


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  • And this client success story below which reminds me of this post (remembering to take care of ourselves is okay and necessary – we can have grace with ourselves every. single. day). To work with me 1:1 in January 2018 check out my services here and if all sounds good, book a Discovery Session by entering your name and email on that page.
"For as long as I can remember, I’ve been waiting for the next life step to make everything better, to make me happy: college graduation, the first job, the move to a new & exciting city, etc. etc. When these steps didn’t make me instantly happier, I found other ways of coping, including emotional eating. Emotional eating turned into restrictive eating - I can’t buy that food because I’ll eat it all - and the cycle just spun and spun. Then, I finally decided to invest in myself by working with Paige. It was truly the only big “life step” that has resulted in a positive change in my life & my happiness.

Paige helped me to understand that first and foremost, we need to love ourselves now. She taught me how show compassion towards myself by allowing myself to be imperfect and care for myself through dedicated personal time. As women, we spend so much time caring for others, it’s not instinctive to care for ourselves. I re-learned what truly makes me happy and how to prioritize myself over others. Finally, I learned how to listen to my body. Intuitive eating has given me a completely new perspective on eating & food. Before, eating was forced by time of day or emotions and often resulted in feelings of guilt. Now, I know when I’m hungry or just emotional, which allows me to truly savor my food and enjoy eating again!

Bottom line, Paige is an amazing listener and friend. Every phone call and email is met with true compassion, empathy, and care. One of the best aspects of coaching with Paige is that you never feel like a student or unequal from her. It’s an absolutely amazing feeling to realize that the issues I’ve been having are no different than so many other women - I’m not alone!

Paige’s coaching went so far beyond what I expected. I went into the sessions expecting to only talk about emotional eating and how to be an intuitive eater. But Paige is so insightful and always had the right questions to ask which helped me see the little aspects of my life that needed more attention. Those little aspects led to a greater understanding of myself and the true root of my emotional eating. I’m so grateful for Paige and her passion for helping women like me lead healthier lives! I’m finally happy with myself and there’s absolutely nothing that can explain how good that feels."
- Lauren K.
Love, Paige

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