Can Being More Mindful Help You?

Good morning everyone! Happy Tuesday!

I have something I’d like to ask all of you! Where are you when you eat your meals?

Are you at in the car? In front of the computer? Maybe at the table, but looking at your phone? Are you in bed? Standing if front of the cupboard? Are you tasting everything that you’re cooking for dinner while cooking? Are you watching TV? Are you distracted by work? At your desk? Feeding the kids? Picking off the kids snack plate? Where are you?

Comment below and let me know.


My Healthy Hits Coaching girls had a group wide goal this week – buy themselves flowers! This is the flower I bought myself 🙂

My eats this weekend felt a little bit off. Not because I was eating unhealthy, but because I felt distracted. This weekend was a weekend full of relaxing. Yes, I still walked, I still had a plan or two made, I still went to the Gym, but there wasn’t a schedule filled with things to do for the weekend. It was so nice! Marco and I actually watched Netflix in the middle of the day!

photo 4

Saturday was really the only time I had plans. Wedding Plans! I met with our Florist and Cake Baker for breakfast with my Mom and Marco’s Grandma. We are being extremely blessed in this area!

photo 5

At breakfast, I ordered a scramble minus the cheese, fruit, and banana bread that I shared.

photo 1

It was so delicious, and so fun. Wedding Planning is exciting! We sat at breakfast for a couple of hours sippin’ coffee, enjoying our food, talking about details, and enjoying eachother. More Coffee was had than normal – but not enough to make me sick.

Big mistake afterwards.

I tried a Pre-Workout. Mind you, this was at least 4 hours after I had my morning Coffee. Not right after..


I was so sick. I felt like all of my high-school anxiety had returned. I napped, woke up, ate a piece of toast in bed… I felt like I had poisoned my body and needed something to absorb it. I was dizzy, lightheaded, nauseated…. all because I was curious! NEVER. AGAIN.

My natural energy is more than enough. I should have known better, but I was truly just curious.

photo 5

So, toast was had in bed – that was needed at the time, for sure. That night, we went to my parent house and hung out. We were watching something on TV, I can’t even remember what it was now. But, I ditched the table, and decided to join my family on the couch. I can’t even remember what we ate…? Oh! It was curried rice with shrimp and toast… the flavor? Hm… I think it was good? I know I said I liked it… The point is, I hardly remember eating it!

photo 1

These tacos on the other hand… YUM! This I remember eating, and it was delicious… why? Because I sat at the table with my family Sunday night, and enjoyed the flavor fully. I was so much more satisfied eating this.

photo 2

And Monday morning? Marco and I went on a breakfast date since we both had the first part of the day off. I also really enjoyed this breakfast! How could you not? Look at it! It’s huge! Haha!

Biggest breakfast ever.

Here, we were at an old restaurant that Marco ate at as a kid. This place was special, we sat at the table, we had just worked out, we were hungry, happy, and fully enjoyed ourselves.

Eating at the table has been one thing that has been powerful in helping me to be mindful of my eating.

Here are a few things that I aim to do to be mindful:

  • Eat at the table
  • Eat only when I am calm
  • Eat with people whenever I can
  • Spend time making my food
  • Eat slowly
  • Focus on tasting the food rather than finishing off every last bite
  • Move around after I’ve eaten
  • Clean up after I’m done
  • Be thankful for my meals

What do you do to help yourself to be more mindful? Comment below and let me know 🙂

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