Cancer Free!

Time to celebrate! My Daddy is Cancer Free as of today! Thank you all for your prayers. They sure worked, and GOD IS GOOD!


While I was babysitting today, I decided to try something new! Every time I am in Trader Joes, I see these bars but as you already know from my post of Reduced Guilt Pasta, I am skeptical about foods that advertise that they are low calorie


Another surprise! These dark chocolates were super tasty, and it felt like I was eating a good amount of chocolate.

See the size here. Pretty good, right? Plus, it’s easy to just have one because they are each pre-packaged!


I say that’s a good dessert 🙂


Look at that view I have while babysitting! Not bad, eh? I can overlook all of Ventura. I was restin’ in this picture while little Harper was digging. Haha, she was pretty cute today! She packed a bucket full of dirt and said she was “potting” so that she could take the bucket to her Birthday which is supposedly in 4 days (held four fingers up) 😉


Now for the best part of the day! As I was leaving the babysitting job, I got in my car and saw this text! This is one to save! Best text ever- literally!

My Dad had an appointment this morning where they would tell him if the cancer had spread anywhere else, or if the surgery got it all out. Glory to God, it’s ALL GONE, and my Daddy is Cancer Free! I gave him a BIG OL SQUEEZE when I got home. Phewwwww! You can only imagine how relieved he is! It’s sooo nice to see 🙂


I walked in the house and something smelled delicious! I asked my Mom what she had made, planning to go ahead and make the same good-smelling-thing! She said “I made Dad an omelet, he couldn’t finish it so there is some left in the fridge- go ahead and have it”

Glory to God again! Haha 😉 This is just too good of a day now! I heated up the other part of the omelet and made a little baby piece of sourdough toast. Mmm-mmm good! My Mom put tons of veggies in this omelet including spinach, mushroom, onion, and asparagus!


The asparagus was amazing! Who knew asparagus would be so good in a breakfast omelet?!

Well, as an update from this morning, I am feeling much much better! Still haven’t had my Coffee, and surprisingly I do not have a headache at all…! Yea, I usually get headaches when I don’t drink it… or so I thought? I guess I haven’t experimented in so long that I don’t even know anymore 😉


Now I am just sittin’ in my room, all comfy and cozy bloggin to you all with a cup of Winter Dream Tea (bought these tea bags from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf this winter). It’s just water, Winter Dream Tea Bag, a little bit of honey, and a splash of Vanilla Almond Milk. So yummy, and relaxing!

I am off to my next babysitting job in about 10 minutes- this is my Nanny Job. So I will see you all back here around dinner! What are you all cookin’ up tonight?

Have a good Tuesday!

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