Can’t get any fancier than this!

Good morning girls! It’s bright and shining today where I live, in Southern California.

Hopefully there is sunshine where you live too, otherwise, hopefully this post will send some your way 🙂

This morning, I had another bowl of Oatmeal!

This time, Justin joined us. Maple Almond Butter, Justin.

Also, if you’ve been curious, I don’t dump a whole bag of white chocolate chips on my Oatmeal.

Just a few, and it’s absolutely perfect!

I went to bed last night excited to wake up for this Oatmeal!

If you follow me on twitter, you already knew this! I couldn’t stop thinking about it!

Tweet tweet:!/HealthyHitsSpot

And yea, don’t think I’m so fancy. This is my photography set up.

Ugg boots, jeans, a big ol’ sweatshirt, and a cute little plant that I find sitting in my yard somewhere.

Some people ask me, “is your food cold by the time you eat it?”

Thankfully, no! I really don’t spend more than a few minutes snapping pictures, and I certainly don’t spend time editing, unless they are at night (the lighting sucks so bad at night)

I owe my Mom, and my camera a big ol’ thank you for capturing such beautiful pictures.

My Mom bought me my camera for Christmas several years back, and it has lead me to love photography

I simply find a cute little place in my yard that makes me happy, and send you guys pictures VIA my blog!

For me, blogging is just sharing my healthy, happy experiences with the world, and hoping that they will rub off on other girls. I would only hope that you girls can find light in this blog!

I love when you girls write in a simple “I love your blog, Paige!”

It literally makes my day!

Back to breakfast… hehe

I had Peanut Butter Cup Coffee with my Oatmeal. Yes, be jealous! Thank you Mischa for the recommendation!

Mmm-mmm good! Creamy oats, and warm cozy coffee! In my Oatmeal this morning:

Instant Maple Oatmeal (Trader Joes)

Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk (Trader Joes)

1/2 banana cut up into chunks (Trader Joes)

1 tbsp. maple almond butter (Justin’s)

Soy Nut Energy Blend (Costco)

White Chocolate Chips (Daddy ❤)

Shredded Coconut (Lassen’s)

Such a yummy breakfast! Sending each and every one of you girls love, peace, and happiness in your hearts today! I just have a feeling that today is going to be such a good one!

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