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Okay, so now it’s time that I introduce you all to my new friend (really good friend) cookie butter… he is incredible… He makes me feel outrageously treated without feeling "guilty" in anyway, because if we are talkin’ numbers, he takes up less space than even Peanut Butter… (ignore the fact that the ingredients are nothing alike- I’m justifying him, here).

I met Cookie Butter last week in Trader Joes, and decided to take him home with me.

I have not been disappointed at all!

A handful of multi-grain crackers and one tablespoon of Mr. CButter, good. to. go! Imagine him on Oatmeal? Oh my goodness!

After Mr. CButter, I had a small apple…

Before I left for my 11am dentist appointment (and of course before I brushed & flossed), I had a Coconut LARABAR – my favorite – plus a small cup of Pure Almond Dark Chocolate Milk. I wanted to finish the container so I could toss it. I’ve been drinking this one so slowly! PS, it’s VERY good! You can even heat it in the microwave for Hot Cocoa 🙂

After the dentist, I went to the gym and did some cardio. I ran into my cousin Megan there and we got to work out together. Doesn’t cardio FLY by when you’re working out with a friend? I feel like I just barely start, and by the next time I look down to the machine it says "35 minutes complete." I love it!

Note from my dentist… Do any of you use those "Reach" flossers? Well, I do, and she said to kick those and go back to regular floss because it’s more bendable and gets "down in there." I’ve been fooled by Reach! Haha, I thought it was worth sharing- I like my teeth pearly white! 😉

I left the gym after an hour or so and met my friend Tiffany for Coffee. I got a NSA Vanilla Latte w/ Soy Milk from Coffee Bean. Mmm! My absolute favorite treat aside from frozen yogurt! We talked about life pertaining to all things school, friends, relationships, working out… all the usual. I love that girl. I am so blessed to have such great, uplifting friends.. 🙂

After talking to Tiff for a good hour n’ a half I picked up Griffster and we went home and started on homework. For lunch he asked for a grilled cheese. His Mom had just bought fresh sourdough, and although I had already had a mango, I was so tempted by the two baby pieces that were at the beginning of the loaf! You all know what I am talking about? The little guys that come right after the heel? Yea. Those got toasted and buttered and went right in my belly. So good!

I had to drop off Griffin in Midtown Ventura to his Dads house at 5:30, and instead of driving all the way back home I figured I would just go back to the gym until my next job. Mind you, I have been in a total and complete gym mood lately. I love the gym right now. It just feels so freeing to me. It’s like therapy! You know what I’m saying? Anyways, I had an hour to kill so I stopped there instead of going elsewhere and spending money. I am definitely careful on my wallet now that I have moved out 😉

At about 7:30 I cooked up the food that I brought with me babysitting. One giant sweet potato, and peas & corn mixed in with 1/2 tablespoon of butter. Simple? Yes! Delicious? Yes! These super simple childhood combos are things that I often forget about. This was suuuuch a basic and easy healthy dinner! Plus, I forgot how good peas and corn are with a little bit of butter!

To end my night, I am sitting down sipping some Chamomille Tea with honey chatting away to all of you. I am thinking before I go to bed I will eat a banana or something. I am still a little bit hungry and a banana sounds just right.

I am so happy to be back to blogging. The responses you girls have given me are just amazing. I have responded to each of you by now, and I hope you know how much I appreciate you! It’s so fun sharing life together! Everyone have a good day? Got any questions for me? Feel free to ask away!

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