Caught A Cold

Hi everyone!

Just dropping off a note on the blog this morning.

I have been feeling a little bit of a cold since Sunday morning. I’m resting lots that I feel 100% by this weekend when I go to SF! This is the first cold I’ve caught all year. I always seem to catch something right around Halloween when the weather shifts here.

I am  stopping by my Naturopath this afternoon.

What are you most favorite natural remedies to cure a cold? Or to at least help you through 🙂

  • Here’s what I am doing so far:
    • Sleeping in
    • Resting
    • Taking hot showers
    • Massaging my nasal cavities
    • Sleeping with my head propped
    • Drinking Chamomile Tea
    • Hot Water Bottle
    • Hot Towel Scrub
    • Eating cooked Greens
    • Green Smoothies

Post bellow in the comments, and I will be forever grateful! ♡

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