Celebrating Selah’s First Year

Today we are celebrating my first year as Selah’s mom. This blog post will be a glimpse of what being her mom has been like, what has surprised me, what I’ve loved, how we felt ready for kids, and what it’s like to be my own boss AND a mother. This is for both you and for me, to capture the joy Selah has brought to our lives. It will also make for a sweet keepsake for Selah to read back on one day!

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I for one find it SUPER hard to put into words just how much I love Selah. I love kids in general (hello, nanny life for many years) but it is insanely different when it’s your own kid. This SO surprised me, the deep, intense and abundant love God put in me for my daughter. She is my little person, an extension of me and if I had to pick only one word to describe motherhood it would be GRATEFUL. She is such a gift to our family. It doesn’t surprise me that I love her, but it surprises me how it FEELS to love your own child.

I could go on for pages and pages, gushing on how much Miss Selah means to me and how she brought so much joy and fun into our lives. Her smile, her fun and sassy little personality starting to show … gah! I feel so lucky to have her… can you tell?!

It’s hard to believe that we have had Selah here, outside my belly, for a whole year. It’s been a year of growth and discovery and will continue to be those things. Stepping into motherhood has truly been the most easily activated feeling of love that I’ve ever experienced.

For me, looking back, it surprised me that we waited seven years into marriage to have children. I wouldn’t have guessed that, when we said “I do” at twenty-two! But when I consistently had the desire to nurture something apart from myself or Marco, I knew I was personally ready for a baby.

On episode #60 of the “Aligned with Paige Schmidt” podcast, I go into deeper detail what this last year has been like. I also answer some questions that came in about year one of motherhood. This was such a special episode to record about my reflections from the last year. It was a fun one to put together and I think you’ll enjoy the behind the scenes look into my motherhood!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What surprised me most in motherhood
  • How I make owing a business and being a mom work
  • How Marco and I knew we were ready for kids
  • Tips for being patient when your spouse is not ready for children as soon as you are
  • What I use to do for other mothers that I don’t do anymore

Mentioned in this Episode:

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