Celebrating the Wonderful-ness of Panini’s!

Girls… I just can’t contain myself… there are so many great things coming up… I just need you to know that!

The launch of Finally Free is so close! You’ve been checking your Friday emails, right? If you’re not getting them, sign-up here. If you are, make sure to check them each Friday morning! Drag my emails into your Primary Mail folder. Or, create a “Healthy Hits” folder where all of my VIP emails go. They’re all created to give YOU immense value.

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Here’s ONE great thing for you today. I am being featured on Lauren Fowlers blog talking about Freedom From Dieting! Thanks Lauren! Such an honor 🙂

We’re on a roll with yummy simple foods… I mean, did you see yesterday’s post? Let’s keep it going today! Panini style!

breakfast avo panini

Who loves Paninis? I don’t know about you… but when I make a homemade Panini I feel: satisfied (able to end my meal not needing anything else), comfortably full, and full of energy/focus. Here are TWO Panini ideas for you!

Breakfast Style

breakfast panini

Sourdough, two eggs, avocado, and a sprinkle of any cheese blend.


I always get this question: “how do you get the outside of your panini’s so golden brown?”

A: I always use a super thin spread of butter. I literally take my stick of butter and gently spread it on the outer pieces of bread. It’s SO thin and gives it the perfect toasty-ness.

Lunch Style

lunch turkey panini

Sourdough, sliced deli chicken, mayo/mustard, grilled onions, havarti cheese, and sliced tomato. SO yummy!

lunch panini

What is your FAVORITE panini combo? Is it one that you’ve made at home? Or one you got when you were eating out? 

Share it below with us in the comments!

xo, your coach


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