Cheeseless Pizza: TRY IT!

Good morning everyone!

TODAY IS VACATION DAY! I can’t wait. It’s going to be a hot, steamy paradise. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post today before I leave. Probably not… if I could figure out an easy way to blog from my phone, I would! WordPress can be a pain for posting!


photo 1

8:00 strawberries

8:30 Step Class

photo 2

11:30 gluten free tomato/basil grilled cheese + quinoa salad (this recipe will be coming in my July Meal Plan – I’m seriously obsessed!)

photo 3

By the way, thank you to everyone who bought my last Meal Plan! Such a good outcome. I got a ton of positive feedback from people who tried it 🙂

*All you have to do to purchase is email and ask for the password. From there, I’ll email you the PayPal link. I’ll be notified when you make your payment, and send you the password.*

photo 4

2:30-4 sipped on this delicious PB green smoothie! Holy Moly! Best ever. I think this one is so good that it should also be in the next meal plan. You think?

photo 5

6:00 pizza night at Dads! He made Calzones, so first, Marco and I split one to try. Soyrizo verrrrrrry little cheese calzones. My Dad is awesome! These were great!

photo 1

And then the actual dinner. Green salad with italian dressing + cheese-less pizza

photo 2

I’m telling you. It’s good! Just leave the cheese off your veggie pizza ONCE! You’ll still love it!

photo 3

9:00 I really wanted something sweet, so I had a Coconut Milk “Yogurt.” Anyone had this from TJ’s yet?

Well, guys! I hope you have a wonderful weekened! Stay updated on my Healthy Hits the Spot page to see posts! I’m sure there will be Havasu Pictures there 🙂 There MAY be a post here, I’m just not sure what the time will bring. If I don’t see you here this weekend, I’ll see you here Tuesday for sure!


Love, Paige

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