What’s Coaching with Paige Schmidt Like? Chelsea’s Story

When we see others growth, we can do one of two things: shrink or expand. I share these stories to help you EXPAND your ideas of what is possible for you. Having worked with women from all walks of life, and from all over the globe for the past 10 years I have found one thing to be true: if it’s possible for someone else, it’s possible for you.

Today we are spotlighting Chelsea.

I LOVED working with Chelsea. I’ll never forget the day she said that everything changed for her (she started keeping her promises to herself!) because she decided to start making herself a priority in all of her decisions.

Meet Chelsea:

“So what’s coaching with Paige Schmidt like? Where do I even begin?! Enlightening, relieving, educational, inspirational, and unique –– these are the words that first come to mind when I think about my time with Paige.

My experience may be a bit different than many of Paige’s past clients, as I was actually friends with her before ever enlisting in a coaching relationship with her. I’ve followed Paige’s journey as a coach since we first met, and always found her work both inspirational and thought-provoking, but it wasn’t until I really hit my version of “rock bottom” that I actually chose to pull the trigger. And boy am I so glad I did.

Let’s start with the good: the person I am today is the person I wanted to become when I started my journey with Paige. If that doesn’t tell you enough about Paige’s skills in mentoring her clients, I DON’T KNOW WHAT WILL! I am happy with my body, the progress I have made and the habits that I have formed to feel unapologetically ME. The healthy, happy, comfortable and confident version of me. I have worked through so many thoughts of doubt, stubbornness, and defeat to get here and I can honestly say I could have never done this without Paige’s guidance.

It’s funny thinking back on it now, because the questions in my mind at the beginning of our time together–around how we could possibly work through everything I wanted to get through, how I could get back to what feels “normal” to me, and how I could make some serious life changes in just 6 months time without giving up what I love –seem so silly now. We got through it all and then some, and I was even able to donate one of my sessions because I was feeling so good about what we had accomplished.

I think the biggest thing that I learned is that the way I think about certain things–food, alcohol, sleep, time management, juggling other people’s priorities with my own–can be changed. It can improve, it can evolve, and you can learn to have everything you want by just looking inward more and thinking about these things in a different way. You can ask yourself the right questions in order to make better decisions for you to be the best version of you. That’s what changed me the most and differentiates Paige from other coaches I have worked with. And at the end of the day, IT WORKED. No further proof needed than that

I want to express something important to other people reading this, in the event that they felt the same way I did. I remember expressing to Paige that I was worried she might not be the right fit for me, as I didn’t want a coach that would simply tell me something like, “It’s ok, your body is just changing, embrace it.” I wanted someone to help me get back to what felt right to me (which, at the time, I referred to as “get back to my normal weight”). I guess I took Paige’s thoughtful words of encouragement within her emails, social media, etc. as possibly “too soft” and therefore not what I wanted, but my oh my, was I so wrong! Paige is soft, but that’s what makes her such a great coach and person. She knows exactly how to make you think about things without calling them out in a negative way, she relates without discouraging, and she is extremely motivated to help you reach your goals. That’s why each session we had ended in action items that Paige emailed me afterward to hold me accountable, and to help me start to formulate the habits that have now changed my life. So, what I thought might be an approach that was “too accepting,” was actually not correct at all. Paige simply wants to help you figure out and then reach your goals (healthy ones) no matter what they are, and will guide you through the proper process and work needed to get there. That’s exactly what I needed.

One other thing I will say about my time with Paige: the changes crept up on me FAST without really even realizing it. I was so focused on putting in the work and building consistency in how I thought about certain things that I didn’t really even notice that the change was happening right before our eyes. I feel like I was pretty hard on myself during some of our sessions, not understanding why these habits just hadn’t come naturally to me yet, why it was so hard to stay motivated, etc. I wasn’t really “seeing the results.” But then one day, I did. It was like a revelation hit. I remember texting Paige immediately and expressing it… “Paige, I think I did it. I think I am back to my normal again!” All that time that I was doubting myself for not building the habits soon enough, the work was definitely being done and it was working, even if I didn’t really notice it as it was happening.

Paige is an extremely good listener, whose wheels start turning as soon as you start talking and answering her thoughtful probes. She will furiously write notes to ensure nothing is missed during a session, and will NEVER judge you. I really love and appreciate this about her.

The last thing I will say is, DO IT ALL. Trust the process. Text Paige when you need her, don’t think twice about it. Bring stuff up in sessions even if it is uncomfortable, embarrassing, or something you feel you failed at. There is always a way to work through it and Paige will just “do Paige,” guiding you through it all.

I have so much love for this incredibly amazing woman entrepreneur. And you will too THANK YOU, my friend.”


I hope Chelsea’s story inspires you to know that everything that stood out to you about her story is possible for you as well. Want to work with me too? Get started today here

Love, Paige

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