Chicken Adobo

Good evening everyone!

After I picked up Griffin, I came inside my house to get some decaf, and I ended up having 1/2 of a bagel thin with a little smear of Strawberry Cream Cheese


Mmm-mmm this is good! I haven’t had cream cheese in forever. I don’t know if I could go back to normal cream cheese after tasting this 😉


While I was at my house, I saw this box….

4.jpg! This screams “Dottie!” My Moms name… she loves! Lets see what she got


Haha! A Happy Light! I had to blog about this because my Mom seriously gets the most funny things! She said she read 500 reviews and people actually really like it… I guess it’s for people who don’t like night time very much… I’m going to steal this! 😉

Have you all heard of these? I’m seriously going to try it! Haha


When I went to Griffins, after doing some laundry, I made him dinner. There was a fresh loaf of sourdough bread on the counter, so I picked it up to feel it and smell it. Oh my goodness! So fresh and soft! I had to have some, so I put a piece in the oven for Griffin and ripped off part of a piece for me. Butter & Jelly and it was alllll good 🙂

I helped Griffster with homework, made him dinner, did some laundry, packaged some things up… the norm! Then around 6, I headed off to take him to his Dads house. We stopped by my house again to get somethin for his Mama and I snacked on this yogurt and 1/2 a small banana.


When I came home, I did some laundry. I had to take a picture because I think it’s too funny that all of my clothes are either pajamas, or gym clothes. This gives it away! There is not a day that I get ready (put make-up on, get dressed, etc) unless I actually have something I have to do. If I am just working all day (babysitting) then I alllllways stay in comfy clothes, put my hair up, and skip the makeup. It’s just too easy! Plus, when I do get ready, I enjoy it more! Don’t get me wrong, I actually do like getting ready, but when I have the option to stay cozy, it’s too easy to go that route!

7.jpg 8.jpg

For dinner tonight, my Mom made Chicken Adobo! Ahhhh! I have been craving this ever since one of my readers (Hi Shannon!! See her blog here) tweeted about it!


This is one of my favorite dinners. My Mom learned how to make it in the Philippines when she lived there.


Now, I am watching My Week with Marilyn with my parents, and RESTING! I am craving rest right now.

Hope you all have a wonderful night! See you back here if I have a treat later. Who knows! 🙂

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